How to Choose Best Survival Backpack: Tips and Tricks From Experts

How to Choose Best Survival Backpack: Tips and Tricks From Experts

We already know that when it comes to surviving and preparing for natural disasters, things do not need to be treated superficially. Disasters can happen at any time, anywhere and if you try to fool Mother Nature, the result can be very different from what you expected. You need to get the best information, the best items for your emergency equipment and, of course, the best survival backpack according to your needs.

When you try to assemble your emergency kit for the first time, you realize that you need to tighten many things in a single package that you should eventually carry. This is the moment when you realize that preparing yourself in advance is extremely important: there are always unforeseen situations.

Today we are going to talk about a crucial aspect of your emergency kit: the backpack or the Bug Out backpack, as they like to call the survivors. It is extremely important that you have a spacious and comfortable backpack that sits comfortably on your shoulders while running, in search of shelter. The best backpack should include a 72-hour emergency kit that will keep you alive until the wrath of nature passes.

Now that we have established what you need, find out how to find the right one for you. Each experienced survivor will tell you that finding the best survival backpack is not easy, but once you find it, everything begins to settle down and your survival plan begins to take shape. There is a wide variety of backpacks, military and civilian, and choosing the one that best suits you may seem like a laborious task. However you are going to have to do it.

How to Choose Best Survival Backpack: Tips and Tricks From Experts

First of all, you should know what qualities a backpack should have when choosing the one that will be by your side in very dark situations. Each of us has special needs when it comes to carrying a heavy backpack and you need to know yours.

For example, if you know you can not lift heavy things, you will need a special backpack that does not put pressure on your spine and adjust the weight between your shoulders and hips. Second, after considering the qualities, you should consider the type. The survival pack has many names among the survivors; It is also called a travel bag, a handbag (for obvious reasons) or a dodge team exit. Regardless of the name, you will find different types according to the space and the level of comfort it offers.

What to look for when choosing a backpack.

Let’s see the main basic factors that you should keep in mind when buying the survival backpack:

  1. Room – Before going shopping, assemble your emergency kit to get an idea of ​​how much space it will take. Also, weigh everything from canned foods to clothing and calculate the approximate total weight. This way you will know in which weight category of the backpack to buy.
  2. Additional storage space – you always need additional space and your backpack should have outside pockets and special places designed to hang things that can be hung like: sleeping bags, compass, map, knife, water bottle, etc. These additional spaces should be easily accessible with the backpack on the back. This way you will have all the things you need along your hand.
  3. Comfort level – or how it fills up on your shoulders once it’s full. This is a complex factor and you should pay attention to several aspects:
    • Carefully inspect the straps and make sure they do not bother you in any way. Remember: you will have to carry this backpack with intense rain, excessive heat or extreme cold, so even the smallest problem you have now can be a big problem for you. There has to be absolutely nothing that scares you when you try it.
    • Check the width of the belts: the wider, the better. Narrow straps will dig into your shoulders once the backpack becomes heavy and you will end up with wounds. Make sure the straps are padded; It will be more comfortable to carry the backpack.
    • Try to buy a backpack with hip support. The hip straps are very important to balance the weight of the thighs where the muscles are stronger. Without this, all the weight will be on the shoulders.
    • The straps must be adjustable for your body type. They should fit perfectly regardless of the weight you carry.
    • Check if there is a clip for the sternum (recommended) and note that you may be using additional layers and that you can tighten too much. The clip for the sternum is very important for a perfect balance of the weight and the position of the backpack.
  1. Air flow in the back.. Modern backpacks are made especially for your skin to breathe. This way you will not end up with wet clothes on your back due to sweat.
  2. Space to move – this factor is in direct correlation with the space factor: the bigger the backpack, the less space it will have to move freely. When it comes to natural disasters, it is better to have room to move. This means that you must be very careful with what you choose to put in your backpack.

Now that we have seen the main factors to consider, let’s see what types of survival backpacks are available in the market.

Types of bags that can be used as survival backpacks.

There are five different types of backpacks:

  • The normal backpack – When you are in a hurry or if there is no other option, you can use anything from a school backpack to your day-to-day backpack. It will not be very spacious or comfortable, but it will help you carry some of the necessary items. If you decide to use what you have around, try to make a backpack for each member of the family. A single backpack can not include everything for everyone.
  • Backpack – With this option, you will have more space, but you will lose ease of transport. The canvas bag is heavy and can only be an option if you are going to evacuate the area using a car. Before considering any bag you have in the house as a survival bag, stop and think for a minute: can you carry the bag through heavy rains and winds if you are forced to leave the car and reach the shelter on foot? Having an emergency kit with you will not be much help if you have to leave it in the car.
  • Hiking package – This is a better option than either of the first two. You will have space and ease of transportation. If you bought something of good quality, you could even have rain cover and coverage. The hiking package is very useful when you are evacuating with children because of the extra space. You can still give them their own backpacks but you can carry the heavier things. The main disadvantage here is that there is no compartmentalization what ever. You will have to search the entire bag for that small multiple tool, which means lost time.
  • Kitbag – very durable, with many compartments and possibility of adding additional elements through a special system. These backpacks were built to withstand any type of weather and wear, and you will know where everything is at any given time. However, they are very heavy due to the additional material that is used for partitioning and all the additional elements that you can add. You will need a strong back and legs for this type of bag.
  • Especially built for dark situations. – the best choice. There are many brands that want you to be prepared with the right equipment in case the world suddenly changes. These backpacks have all the necessary requirements and allow you to move, run and even fight without having to take your back.

After talking about the main factors to consider and the main types of backpacks you can use for a survival situation, you have the basic knowledge necessary to choose the best survival backpack for your needs.

How to Choose Best Survival Backpack: Tips and Tricks From Experts

As you can see, the proper survival backpack may require a bit of investment (in regards to money) but it’s worth it. You will fully appreciate the total value of this backpack when you feel comfortable carrying emergency equipment while seeking shelter in poor conditions.

Comments on the best survival backpacks in the market.

Because we want to help you in your effort to choose the best backpack, we thought that some revisions could help. In the following lines, you can read about what we consider to be the best of the best survival backpacks.

Backpack Arc’teryx Altra 65

We put the Altra 65 at the top of the list because it is one of the backpacks that most specialists recommend. It is lightweight and follows all the comfort and safety factors discussed above, allowing the user to feel good. It is also quite spacious, allowing you to leave the house with heavy equipment.

This backpack is ideal for both wild adventures and hiking and to bring your emergency equipment to the nearest shelter. It is water resistant due to the rain cover and has additional pockets that are easy to reach while carrying them on the shoulders. The lid can be removed or can be used as additional space with pockets for further organization. It comes with daisy chains that can be very useful for hanging things in your backpack.


  • Maximum height: 15 “or 38 cm;
  • Maximum width: 17 “or 43 cm;
  • Four compression straps to keep everything in place, tight;
  • Air flow in the back to ensure comfort in hot climates;
  • Volume without lid: 73L;
  •  Volume with lid: 75L;
  • Other features: durable, top handle, padded straps, hip support, side zip access, supports hydration (2L).

Comments from people who use this type of backpack for outdoor activities are positive. The most appreciated characteristics are the distribution of the weight, the level of comfort and the additional space where you do not even think. The design is incredibly well thought out so that you feel comfortable even in the most stressful situations. When the hurricane is in your tail, you should not think about how to lose your backpack.

How to Choose Best Survival Backpack: Tips and Tricks From Experts

The hip support is fixed with a rotating system that allows the weight to be redistributed according to the position of your body. You do not feel the weight as you run through the forest, trying to find a place to hide from the heavy rain and strong wind. In addition, additional pockets and daisy-shaped chains allow you to place many small things in their place that usually hang around and annoy everyone around you. If you are running from zombies, you must move quickly and silently.

The price is a bit high, but it’s worth it. You will have the perfect survival backpack for a lifetime. The design is very durable and does not break easily. You can find this model in specialized stores or Amazon.

If you like this product you can find it and buy it here.

Goruck GR2

Believe it or not, behind the design of this model there is a former member of the Special Forces. We all know that these guys know how to react in case of disaster. They are specially trained to take only what they need in a stressful situation and this backpack is perfect to adapt to what is strictly necessary. The military experience of the designer is fully loaded in this minimalist backpack, but spacious. There are many zippered compartments so you can organize your things and find everything you need.

The material is tough and durable, as it is designed to last a lifetime. At first, you may feel it rigid and a little rough to use, but after some uses, the material is molded after the shape of your body and softens.


  • Volume: 47 l;
  • Understand Transportation Security Administration rules for carry-ons so you can take them on an airplane or use them while traveling by train;
  • The multitude of compartments allows you to organize things so you can install a 72-hour emergency kit without problems;
  • Lots of room to move: its compact design and adjustable straps give you the freedom to move the way you want;
  • High quality zippers with drawstring instead of metal handles;
  • Very padded straps that may seem stiff at first. After some uses, they become extremely comfortable and easy to use;
  • Special compartment for your laptop, near your back. In this way, the laptop or any other sensitive electronic device is protected against bumps or falls;
  • Due to its design, the weight is concentrated on the shoulders and back.
  • Lifetime warranty

If you do not plan to include the sink and stove in your emergency kit, this is the backpack you should use. It is lightweight, extremely durable and water resistant, which makes it ideal for protecting your valuable supplies. It will allow you to move (in case you have to fight against a perpetrator or a zombie) and offers you access and assistance. Of course you can consider it for other activities as well.

Owners around the world are extremely happy with the way they feel and how easy it is to organize things in them. They use it when they travel for business or pleasure, when they climb mountains or walk, and more. Every outdoor activity can be improved using this amazing backpack!

How to Choose Best Survival Backpack: Tips and Tricks From Experts

The price is still quite high, but since you only pay once and enjoy your whole life, we think it’s worth it. You can find more specifications and order the backpack on the Goruck website.

If you like this product, you can find it and buy it on Amazon.

In the end, after talking about characteristics, types and the best survival backpack, we can draw the main conclusion: the preparation for survival must be taken very seriously. You can not evacuate your entire family with a duffel bag when the zombie apocalypse is out there.

You need a safe and solid backpack that allows you to move, run and fight if necessary. The 72-hour emergency kit that you should have with you can be damaged if you are forced to go out in the rain and walk to the shelter. In addition, a heavy canvas bag will be difficult to drag through puddles and mud with a strong wind in the face.

Ask any survivor and discover that he can not cheat when it comes to his life and that of his loved ones. Having the right emergency equipment in the right backpack can save your life. Just think about how difficult it is to walk with a backpack full on your back, in a clear climate. Having to fight a hurricane or escape from a forest fire is going to be countless times more difficult. Why would you want to make your chances of survival more difficult? The whole purpose of the best survival backpack, specially chosen according to your needs, is to help you in a difficult moment.

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