How to choose clothes

The question: “how not to overheat in the summer?” Very soon becomes very, very relevant. Therefore, I would like to talk to him.

Winter in this regard – the time of year is much more understandable. Warm yourself. But what to do in the summer? When +30, which in our latitudes are perceived as a fierce pi ** ec. In the order to remain within the framework of the decency (which our indefatigable legislators are tightening everything year by year).

In fact, there is salvation. Wicking Thermal Underwear. It has been followed by a lot of clothes followed by skin care. At the same time, it becomes the clothes, so it doesn’t stop, the clothes become soaked. As a result, we are wet

What to do? Especially for people who are not so much tanning, but even overheating is not recommended. But to keep you in the sun.

Heath marythonHeath marython

So, I will answer your point of view.

Wicking Thermal Underwear ironically, is the main layer clothes in summer. It is a matter of course. If you are not so wet, then you’re not But the body will be dry bamboo fiber This is what the body is constantly cooling.

That is, as bottom layer You can use a T-shirt (with short or long sleeves) and pants (short or long). I like to use it. And secondly, it is very difficult to choose such a model. moisture pants, roll up and crumple around the knees But perhaps your body is.

By the way, very simple advice for men. In order to avoid rubbed groins, I strongly advise in the pants stuffing the usual female gasket. It is a good idea to ensure that it doesn’t rub the skin.

One of the most important points in choosing summer thermal underwear (and indeed, any termuhi in principle), this is the right choice of size. Underwear is the most fit thing to wear. It is not always a problem. That is, if you are 176, then you see 182. It’s necessary to order, but rather you’ve been addicted to it, but you’re not allowed to drink it. This is a way to unload the body.

As for the manufacturer, I am not original. In due time used Blackhawk (this model and others like it) was very pleased. Consider that while you manage your goals By alloy. A series of “Fresh” or “Active” from Power stretch. Pretty decent product, the most important thing is to choose the right size. You can also look at their new series. Bamboo in the Active lineup, or “Action Dry”. There are both fabric and seamless technology. All you need is shorter.

Thermal underwear Polartek. Quite famous and high qualityThermal underwear Polartek. Quite famous and high quality

No, I wouldn’t even Under armor, but I don’t have it, and I never really used it. I know what’s good, but the price is right now. Therefore, it’s not guided. It’s a good thing, it’s not a regret.

Upper layer clothes for summer If you choose for yourself, you can’t consider any possible specificity (it’s, of course, not to eat). conditions of “work”. But it is not a problem. The optimum, of course, will be things from fabrics Nyco (Nylo-Cotton 50/50), Best of all breathes and dries faster than others.

True, tactical and military clothes for summer mainly made of blended fabric Polyester cotton (65/35). There are also options for an ultra-lightweight fabric. Nylon cotton (32/68), but such options are less common and are usually more expensive.

Summer shoes are generally a separate conversation. For many reasons, it is not always possible to wear lightweight running shoes or sandals. So try to choose the most lightweight shoes. With the maximum possible area of ​​fabric inserts. In principle, there has been a salvation for all-fabric summer boots. “Cobra” from Buteks. By the way, what would anyone say that: “Fabric shoes for serious business!? Fi!? ”, Frankly, I have been making socks in the working mode. And, by the way, they are still in the heat. And this is generally a gift.

That is, shoes should be as light as possible and with the lowest possible area of ​​ventilated cover. Shoes Unlined (like model Crisp sahara evo). This is also a very good option, however, already for better-off citizens. The same applies to Blackhawk Light Assault Boots. Very good model, but with the current course – like a piece of aircraft.

Light but durable Butex Cobra assault boots - cheap and cheerfulLight but durable Butex Cobra assault boots – cheap and cheerful

Immediately throw away your mother’s insole. Well, except that Blackhawk can leave. Otherwise, immediately change to D3O or DryIsole (Although you will be throwing out twice a week). But the legs will be dry.

And no less important than insoles – socks. Everything is possible, as much as possible, with bamboo fiber. It is sweetened under load. Basically, again, the same Alloy It has three normal models for hot weather: Tactical, Walker, Arris.

With the size thermal underwear. It is better to take it and not crawl.

If you’re still wearing shoes, you’re still wet. I always wear it inside the shoes antibacterial powder or fungicidal powder. At the same time I bother with the production, I see what suits the composition, I experiment every year.

And the last. Head and neck. The neck is, of course, it will be a handy. I solved this question for myself “multiband“. Now wear Buff you can search for a plain or camouflage (some manufacturers offer Power Dry / Power Stretch). It turns out that it’s not wetted. Faster than the inner again get wet.

Well, on the head: either Panama, or a thin baseball cap with ventilation. Twilight, or again, the same band.

Something like that. It is not necessary to use it.

By the way, at the expense of equipment. This is a ventilated lining. Typically, these are pillow type Airmesh. If it is necessary to dry more often.

How to choose clothes

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