How to choose socks. Part 1

It is always a healthy fit. It is difficult to make it.

Next, we choose the socks correctly.

Socks by activity

Sock sellers usually pulling on these socks.

  • Athletic / Multisports – This is an extensive category of white gymnastic socks (but now from modern fibers). Most provide some depreciation.
  • Running Socks, sweaters and fatigue.
  • Running gear socks – providing cushioning and sweat absorption.
  • Everyday It is easy to recognize socks, it is easy to make socks.
  • Lightweight running gears (hiking) socks – these are very thin socks with a voluminous foot (wide or high rise). Provide excellent moisture removal and moderate depreciation. They are thinner, especially at the top, than socks of medium density. They can dress on their own underpants.
  • Tourist It means that it can be small (i.e., narrowing it). .In the heel and ball of the foot area. the light socks, and the comfort of the foot. They can dress on their own underpants.
  • Mountain (mountaineering) socks – conditions for use.
  • Ski socks – providing cushioning in the lower legs and usually also from the foot. Thin, not intended for heat areas and prevent friction against shoes. Also, their design serves unobstructed fast movements with changing directions.

Specialized socks

There are several options for multipurpose socks to choose from.

  • Underfloor (liner) – thinnest socks for normal running socks. It can be used as a coolant, where it evaporates. It can be easily worn out. Usually used with running bots, not running shoes,
  • Waterproof socks – two options. It is a breathable boot covers, socks, fleece inside.
  • Socks with fingers – like a glove on his leg. They protect against interdigital wear, designed for running or transitions. It is important to consider that it’s socks between the fingers are not so bad.
  • Fleece jackets and socks, It is a way of running sock.
  • Socks with heated – for cold weather observation, etc. Use a weak current for heating.

Sock material

Each foot is covered with sweats glands, with sweat glands. And invented high-tech fibers. Here are the most common options:

Merino wool, or merino wool – spiky wool socks replaced with a rough knit. It is the ability to regulate the temperature in a wide range of weather conditions. It can absorb water up to 30% of its own weight.

FOR: Cozy conditions, removes sweat, softens, does not prick.
AGAINST: Dries longer synthetics, more expensive.

Synthetics – There are several types of materials available. Lyon and lycra coolmax (coolmax), acrylic wixpun and polypropylene isolate (isolfil) work with moisture. Ingeo (ingeo) – a more environmentally friendly alternative to polyester, polylactic acid.

FOR: strong, fast drying, sweat, soften.
AGAINST: when it comes to wet insulation, deteriorates.

Silk – used for underwear socks

FOR: light, removes sweat, pleasantly felt on the skin.
AGAINST: less durable than other fibers.

Cotton – It was taken for a long time.

FOR: suitable for passive classes, inexpensive.
AGAINST: not recommended for vigorous activity.

Sock characteristics

  • Bottom seal feet serves as a cushioning and protection. Make sure that the compacted sock doesn’t lead to cramped shoes.
  • Gain on the rise It is a key factor.
  • Height It is usually not a matter of personal preference, but it is not a matter of personal preference.
  • Landing on foot depends on the correct choice of size. Heel. Socks with a pair of compaction need to be cramped.

Questions and answers

What socks to choose for trips in hot climates?

Landing is the most important. It can be surprisingly more comfortable. Synthetics are saturated, i.e. for travel, they are better suited.

How thick should my socks be?

Depends on your shoes. Make sure the socks fit well with the boots.

Wearing socks to protect me from wearing out?

Not necessary. The most important thing is to wear shoes well.

What socks to take in a week trip?

Take a couple of socks and a spare tourist pair. With this approach, you need to change daily socks.

Clothes and shoes

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