How to choose the right sharpener for your knife?

It was a cold sweat. Whatever sharpening your knife. (Human nature is such). It will make it possible to make it out. We will try to answer in today’s material: “How to choose a knife sharpener?

The question of quantity and existential ways to solve it

I have a lot of knives. But this doesn’t negate the fact that I’ve sharpened each one more than once. And, of course, every time striving for perfection. And since I have many needs for sharpening edits. I think that bars and sharpeners also be a few long. However, not everyone feels this need at first. I want to buy one universal bar, which even an ax, even a katana to razor sharpness. In time, it will pass. But for now, we’ll be your guide for you. knife sharpener.


At the initial stage, it is standard for abrasive or ceramic stones (‘boat’), Hentai sharpening a knife knife sharpeners for the first time, naturally, no. Choose a boat can be on the basis of grain. The sharpening is available. It would be a little bit easier to remove the metal.

Abrasive and ceramic boats rights are easily ruled by working knives, scythes, axes, machetes. It is suitable for the processing of folding and better knives.

There are a number of ways to make it a bit different. ceramic bars quickly become unusable, which can be offset by their lowest possible cost and availability.


So, you already know how to handle sharpening skills. It’s possible to go straight to the next level, but our guide moves progressively. It is costly to sharpeners and stones.

The company Lansky sharpeners. And it’s worth it. sharpeners into several categories.

Pocket (EDC) sharpeners

Small sharpeners, It is easy to rule. He is already close to the paper. It is convenient to carry the bag. Also, there are some high-quality diamond pendants that can be knocked out.

Sharpeners for shelter (home)

Sharpeners, It has been specially designed for comfort. Often designed to be mounted on the table, they often have several bars of different grain sizes, both ceramic and diamond (in professional sets there are also sapphire, from Arkansas, etc.). For fixing the bars with the nails (Lansky Professional, Lansky Diamond), it can be made of plastic. It can be taken for this occupation.

Diamond stones

Metal bars diamond coated – the most juice sharpeners second level. It is a fact that it can be used to make it. Due to the properties of the diamond, it can be very light and compact: sometimes it consists of a thin steel strip. Depending on the grain, it has been successfully and efficiently. Diamond deposition, by virtue of its properties, will last a long time. How much depends on the frequency of use.


This is ‘clinic’, what else to say. It is not a cut. It’s not. It is not a dream. AND bars you need appropriate. But seriously … for those who have already been trying to go off scale. Well, probably, a true master is born …

Natural stones. Arkansas

It is more than the rock crystal (more than 99%), it is beautiful sharpening knives. Arkansas is not cheap, it wears out quickly, but it’s worth it. If you’re looking for something to do it, it’s possible to buy it. This will allow you to make a difference. It is important to make sure that these bars should be cleaned with a solid brush. The process is complicated, time consuming, “experienced”. No one promised it would be easy.

Japanese water stones

It seems to me that you can pray in the name. The stones themselves will definitely become an object of worship when they appear. Learning to sharpen them, in principle, easy. For this, it is desirable to have initial skills. handling sharpeners and, equally important, properly care for the stones. This, in principle, is the main difficulty. It should be noted that special stone

The choice of Japanese water stones may seem difficult. But here our guide will help you. Stones to you for: … –

  • For final finishing and maintaining high sharpness of 5-8-8000 (several bars). Grind the knife into the mirror ’
  • For editing, bringing to the state: 1000, 3000, 6000. You need to start collecting a collection of it. Well, if it comes to 3000, it’s possible, after all, it …
  • For regrinding, working with damaged / blunt blades: from 120-600. For all types of work.

There isn’t much betterness, i.e. 600-1200-2200-4000.

In general, Japanese water stones are a terrific choice for anyone who wants and can sharpen your knives.

You can love knives and piercing-insanity. You can praise them, buy them, buy them. But it is impossible to achieve harmony. Sharpening is the soul of the knife, it is a pledge of its long service life and safety. It is worth learning.

All sharp blades.

How to choose a knife sharpener?

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