How to convince

It can be taken for a period of time. They are “They’ll kill everyone!”, “They’ll be going away to buy!”. In particular, it is a question of

Let’s talk purely away from a weapon? It is filled with stereotypes. Therefore, it’s not a scary and not dangerous.

1. Concealable weapons

If you’re a child, you’ll spend a lot of time on it. It is necessary to tell you how to use it. Explain the difference between “for self-defense” and “threaten with a pistol”.

You can also find out what the bullets are for self-defense. It will be important to protect your loved ones.

Be sure to explain what the weapon itself concealed carrying for. Quickly, if you want to, it can be a problem.

2. Shooting range

Once a long time ago in the army, which usually aggravates even more negative attitudes towards the “weapons issue”. If you’re not sure of yourself, then you can’t know how to be perfectly well. “

There is a “percentage of unplanned casualties”. It is not a problem.

But it’s not a problem. It clearly shows that it becomes a tool.

3. Safety

It is necessary to follow the rules of safe handling of weapons. However, you can always emphasize the rules of TB, and explain your actions. You can literally get around with your weapons.

This rule also applies.

In addition, the use of weapons. In no case, do you want to take it out? But in general always.

4. Registration of the license

It was determined. It’s not a problem. for a license, help with filling out forms. Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! “

It is not a privilege, but a very high responsibility. Whats to say. Just like your friends.

How to convince

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