How to cook dough for crucian: the best recipes

Every fisherman, regardless of professionalism, knows that one of the main conditions for a big catch is a well-chosen bait. Dough for crucian carp – the most popular attachment on the hook, which has no analogues in the number of possible recipes. On flour balls you can fish at any time of the year and in any accessible reservoir.

  • Features of cooking, how to cook the dough for fishing on a crucian
    • 1.1Dish for catching flow
    • 1.2 Dough for winter fishing
    • 1.3 Features of carp bait
    • 1.4 Dough for catching on feeder
  • 2Advantages and disadvantages of bait
  • 3How to make dough for crucian, the most popular recipes for making dough
    • 3.1 Recipe number 1: with semolina and garlic
    • 3.2 Recipe number 2: with cornmeal
    • 3.3 Recipe number 3: dough in milk
    • 3.4 Recipe number 4: with sugar and vanilla
    • 3.5 Recipe number 5: classic
  • 4How to put the dough on a hook on a crucian

Features of cooking, how to cook the dough for fishing on a crucian

There are so many recipes and ingredients for flour bait that you can easily add them to a separate cookbook for anglers. But whatever simple bait the dough may seem, there are a number of peculiarities of fishing for this product. How to make the dough for fishing on a crucian depending on the situation. Preparation of bait for fishing in standing waters and in another way has a fundamental difference. Also in cooking, the type of tackle that will be caught is important.

Dough for catching during

In bodies of water over the course of time, the bait may come off the hook. To this did not happen it needs a little boil. To do this, the resulting pasty mass is placed in cheesecloth and dipped for several minutes in boiling water. After that, the dough is washed under running water until the water begins to merge transparent, without turbid impurities. You can add to the mass of cotton wool. Thus, the bait will become even more durable and will not fly off the hook, even with a strong current.

Dough for winter fishing

Catching carp on dough in winter does not require any bait from cooking. Of the ingredients need only water and flour. The kneaded dough is not washed. If you plan to fish in a reservoir with a current, cotton wool or egg yolk can be added to the bait fortress.

Dough for crucianFeatures of carp bait

Unlike other types of fish, such as carp, crucian badly pecks on the bait in the form of a ball. It is better to flatten it a bit to make big flakes. The dough should be light and airy, like yeast. In the autumn season, when the water becomes cool, you can make the dough for fishing with the addition of garlic.

Dough when catching on feeder

Feeder or bottom fishing means throwing over long distances. In addition to the impurity in the dough cotton or yolk, to hold the bait, you can use hooks with a spring. Using a feeder, the baited hook is hidden at its base. The dough is kneaded soft, well disintegrating in water. In addition to flour and water, you can mix large items: green peas, oatmeal, corn, etc.

According to its consistency, the dough on a crucian can be thick or sticky. In the first case, add a lot of flour and achieve a composition that resembles clay, from which it will be possible to make any form of bait. The sticky dough is made by gradually adding flour to the water. The mass should be stretched, sticky with an average thickness. Apply such dough to the hook with a special stick, as if winding it.

Cooked “food” for the fish must be able to properly store. Better if it is a sealed container. The liquid mass is pumped into a medical syringe. A good option is a used tube of toothpaste. So you get a container for storage and a convenient way to squeeze the bait on the hook. Thick dough is stored in the freezer, pre-cut it into small pieces.

In rainy weather, make sure that the bait is in a dry place, and in case of heat, on the contrary, store in moisture. Going fishing, do not forget to bring some pure flour with you, in order to bring the mass to the consistency if necessary.

Advantages and disadvantages of bait

The dough on a crucian is called the ideal bait under any circumstances. It has almost no flaws, and its advantages include:

  • attracts fish even at long distances, provided that flavored additives have been added;
  • hooked flour balls of different sizes attract large fish. Trifle bypasses such bait side, and the fisherman is not distracted by his fishing;
  • The composition of the bait can be changed in the process of fishing. To do this, you need to take various supplements with you and mix them up depending on the situation;
  • Not only various edible components can be added to the dough, but also its color can be changed with the help of food or natural dyes. It is noted that with the addition of carrot juice, bites increase significantly;
  • low cost bait. Flour and water is in the household of each and they cost a penny. Additional ingredients are also not expensive. Thus, the dough prepared by yourself will be an excellent budgetary tool for “hunting” for crucian carp and other fish species.

Dough for crucianOf the disadvantages of a bad bite isolated on the dough in the winter, because the crucian carp at this time of year prefers bait of animal origin. But you can correct the situation by mixing the appropriate additives in the flour composition. The second drawback is fragility. The bait is stored for no more than 3 days, but if it is not critical for you and you always mix fresh composition, then this minus can be missed. You can extend the shelf life by adding eggs or sunflower oil to the flour and water. Some fishermen note that in summer the dough dries quickly and it is impossible to roll balls out of it. The problem is solved with the help of a damp cloth, in which the dough is placed and taken out as needed.

How to make dough for crucian, the most popular recipes for making dough

Dough bait has long been popular with fishermen. During this time, many recipes have been invented. Flour can take not only wheat, but also rye, corn and even small semolina. The only condition is its color. Adding dyes to light flour, it is easier to achieve the desired shade. The liquid component can also be both water and whey, milk or kefir. As an addition, carp prefers various sweeteners, anise, fenugreek, vanilla, cinnamon, garlic. It is better to cook several servings with different tastes and observe which carp prefers. We offer you to get acquainted with the recipes of the best test for carp.

Recipe number 1: with semolina and garlic

Garlic is one of the best ingredients to add to the bait. For the dough from semolina carp will need:

  • semolina;
  • water;
  • garlic;

Dough for crucianManka and water are taken in equal quantities. One part of the cereal is combined with all the water, mixed and cooked over low heat for a couple of minutes. After cooling, pour the remaining cereal and three crushed garlic cloves in porridge. Mixed and ready-made dough from semolina on a crucian is placed in a plastic bag so as not to wind.

Recipe number 2: with cornmeal

A more viscous consistency is obtained from white corn flour. A glass of flour is sifted, a glass of water is poured into a saucepan and brought to a boil. After they reduce the fire and gently pour in the flour, stirring constantly, so as not to form lumps. The composition is well spread out with a spoon and cook, without stirring, for 5-7 minutes. After this time, the mass is brought to readiness, stirring with a wooden spoon for another 10 minutes.

Readiness bait check rolling ball from a small amount of dough. If the ball does not stick to the hands, holds its shape well, and the mass itself stretches, then the dough is ready and can be removed from the stove. After that, it is once again kneaded, cooled and wrapped in a bag or cling film. To such a bait suitable impurities from anise oil, mint, valerian, but you need to drip it just before setting the ball on the hook.

Recipe number 3: the dough in milk

The recipe is more complicated, but effective. For him we need:

  • flour;
  • milk;
  • potatoes;
  • the eggs.

Milk is brought to the boil on the stove and set aside to cool. After it add flour and knead a thick mass, which is transferred to a pre-heated pan and bring to the desired consistency. The egg is cooked hard-boiled, the yolk is separated from the protein and added to the milk-flour mixture. Potatoes are also boiled, peeled and added to the total composition. The amount of flour and milk is calculated “by eye” to get the required density.

Recipe number 4: with sugar and vanilla

This dough is prepared on the spot before fishing.

  • sugar;
  • vanillin;
  • flour;
  • plastic cup and spoon for stirring.

Dough for crucianA teaspoon of sugar and a bag of vanillin are poured into a glass of water. Gradually add flour and stick the dough with a spoon.

Recipe number 5: classic

A glass of water is poured into the container, yolk and a little flour are added. After mixing all the ingredients, a lot of spread on a sprinkled with flour table and knead the thick dough. Flour is added in portions to make it more convenient to interfere. The result should be an elastic mass that does not stick to hands. The finished dough is the basis for bait. In the pure composition of the fish they bite him not willingly. Dividing the whole mass into parts, various flavors and dyes are added to it.

How to put the dough on a hook on a crucian

To put the dough on the hook in various ways, depending on its consistency: stretching, soft or hard. It is easy to squeeze out liquid structure on a hook from the syringe or to wind up a wooden stick. Such a dough is not suitable for fishing on reservoirs with a strong current, since it will quickly unwind and the hook will remain bare.

Soft dough rolls balls, the size of which depends on the size of the fish and the hook. For crucian carp they are flattened out and made sure that the sting of the hook is not visible. Thick mass is applied with the help of hair accessories.

Dough for crucian carp fish is easy to do at home, and experiments with the addition of various components will help diversify fishing and get away with a decent catch.

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