How to cook roasted wild goose, capercaillie, black grouse, partridge, hazel grouse, dupel, snipe, woodcock, teal, quail, recipes.

It’s not difficult to cook wild roasted goose. The weight of the peeled gutted carcasses of geese, depending on the species (gray, bean goose, white-faced and others) is from 2 to 6 kg After separating the paws, head and wings, in which there is almost no pulp, the carcass is rubbed inside and out with salt. They lay it downside down in the goose moulder, watered with melted butter or fat if the bird is lean. Fat goose is watered with an incomplete glass of hot water. 

Fill the abdominal cavity with Antonov apples or slaw. Sew the incision with thread and fry in the oven for one and a half to two hours. In order for the carcass to evenly fry and brown, it is periodically turned over. Served to the table with apples and cabbage, having previously removed the threads and cut the bird into portions.

How to cook roasted wild goose, capercaillie, black grouse, partridge, hazel grouse, dupel, snipe, corncrake, woodcock, teal, quail, recipes.

Recipe for roasted capercaillie, partridge and hazel grouse.

To prepare roasted capercaillie, partridge and hazel grouse, for each bird take: two tablespoons of oil, 100 g of bacon, breading, sauce, salt, spices. Peeled, gutted, with removed wings, paws and heads, carcasses of birds are soaked in marinade. A carcass of a capercaillie is cut into pieces weighing approximately 200 g and each piece is fattened with bacon in the same way as a lean duck.

with butter or pork fat. Salt to taste and slightly pepper, the pieces are placed in a pan with a lid. Add one tablespoon of oil or pork fat, 3-4 bay leaves and pour meat juice from the dishes in which the pieces were fried

Juice should reach the surface of the pieces. Cover and simmer for 1 hour. For 15-20 minutes before serving, pour 1-2 cups of plain white or any other sauce into the pan.

Fried grouse recipe.

The black grouse is divided into 4-6 parts, 1-2 hours are kept in the marinade. Females and young males are not pickled and cooked whole. The carcasses are placed in a pan or goslednik with heated oil, browned on all sides. They are laid on the back and fried in the oven for 15-20 minutes, periodically pouring fat. The roe are roasted for about an hour. Garnished with good sauerkraut, pickled berries, fresh vegetables salads, fried potatoes.

Fried Pickled Duck Recipe.

For one duck: marinade, 100 g bacon, 2 tablespoons of flour, 2 cups of broth, pickled mushrooms. Prepare the marinade from the following calculation: take 0.5 tablespoon of vinegar 3% take a tablespoon of salt, finely chop the carrots, parsley, onion, mix. Add a tablespoon of red pepper, 7-10 bay leaves, a teaspoon of cloves and optionally garlic, cinnamon and cardamom. The mixture is combined with vinegar, boiled and cooled..

The prepared duck carcass (without head, wings and legs) is kept for 2-3 hours in a marinade. If the duck is non-greasy, it is stuffed with salted fat (100 g), cut into blocks the size of a match. Duck is fried on a baking sheet or in a gooseberry bowl until cooked. Adding butter if necessary. Before serving, take two teaspoons of the butter in which the duck was roasted. Add a spoonful of white flour and dilute this mixture with two glasses of broth. Boil for 10-12 small pickled mushrooms, boil, salt and pepper to taste.

The finished duck is divided: mallard, gogol into four parts, a teal into two, doused with sauce and served to the table. Garnish for duck: boiled dried porcini mushrooms are boiled and 4 cups of chopped sour boiled cabbage boiled in the resulting broth. Boiled mushrooms are finely chopped, salted to taste and boiled for half an hour, along with broth and cabbage. Two tablespoons of white flour are fried in oil, a glass of sour cream or cream is added and stewed together under a lid for 15 minutes. The duck cut into pieces is laid on one side of the heated dish, and on the other side – cabbage side dish and mushrooms.

Mushroom Braised Grouse Recipe.

For one hazel grouse: 100 g of bacon, onion, fresh porcini mushrooms, a glass of broth, a spoonful of flour, salt, spices. The peeled grouse is cut into small pieces. Slices of pork fat are placed at the bottom of the pan, and gratin slices are lightly salted on top. Then put the cloves of garlic, several peas of a black pepper, a small onion and, if any, nutmeg.

Having moistened all this with broth, add fresh porcini mushrooms and stew under the lid for 15 minutes. Then, a little wheat flour is diluted in the broth to get a thicker sauce and boiled for 5-6 minutes. Before serving, grouse is poured with lemon juice, spread on a dish and served with a side dish: boiled potatoes, fresh or soaked lingonberries, other berries or fruits.

Recipe for fried hollow, snipe, corncrake, woodcock, teal, quail.

To prepare a fried hollow, snipe, corncrake, woodcock, teal, quail, one bird only needs roasting oil (a tablespoon) and salt. Salt the cleaned and gutted game outside and slightly inside. Place in a pan with preheated oil and fry on all sides until golden brown. Then cover the pan with a lid and fry the game on low heat. Or put a pan without a lid in the oven, occasionally pouring oil on the birds in which they are fried.

Teal, woodcock and hollow are prepared for 20-25 minutes. Snipe, corncrake, quail – 10-15 minutes. Late autumn hollows, snipe, chickpeas and quail are so oily that they can be fried without oil. There is an exception for the cooking of snipe. They are plucked and scorched immediately before cooking, but not gutted, but only the goiter is removed through a small incision.

The carcass is salted, lightly peppered, wrapped in a thin slice of bacon and fried for 15-20 minutes in a very hot oven. Served in butter square (1-2 cm) slices of bread served on a side dish, on which pre-cooked game is laid on a heated dish, and slices of fried bacon are placed on top. Various salads from vegetables or fruits can serve as an additional side dish..

Based on materials from the book Encyclopedia of the Hunter.
Petrunin V.B., Nikashina E.B., Kupriyanov F.G., Nikerov Yu.N., Rymalov I.V..

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