How to cure yourself recipes of the gulag

Historians argue about how many millions of our compatriots gone in the camps during the Stalinist repression. But there were no prisoners among them. medical enthusiasts, hen their medicines neighbors in the barracks, cooking medicines sometimes from nothing. It was used as a remedy. So now in our arsenal household potions periodically meet development prison medicine.

“Blue iodine” – with indigestion

The most powerful astringent and disinfectant mixture. A spoon starch white color and drip iodine drop. Drink gets blue and disgusting taste. It works flawlessly. This is a doctor of biological and chemical sciences. Vladimir Mokhnach, convicted in 1937 for ten years. In the forties, he managed to cope with dysentery epidemic The most accessible ingredients are that each of them is containing the lot of starch.

Heartburn ash

Set fire to a piece birch bark, It helps it can help you keep track of your skin. The cons in the cells often used for this purpose even cigarette ash. It has been approved by the law and has been a painful sensation. antacids in pharmacies.

Pine against scurvy

Scurvy – A terrible scourge of prisoners in the north. Teething sores, sores on the gums, breakdown and death – well-known stages for any goner. It was good if there was a doctor in the brigade. pine needles, it was a bitter liquid, for example, ascorbic acid. Leningrad recipe

“Chifir” for wounds

Strong tea brew It was not always used. disinfectant and wound healing agent. Check it out for a bit (not sweet!)

Toothache garlic

Even after the reformation Gulag There have always been occasional problems with painkillers in the zones. Deal with unbearable toothache helped garlic, which was resolved in the packages (unlike analgin). Garlic, pounded into a band, was put on a bandage. As our brain starts to get confused, getting nociceptor (pain) signals from different sources, in most cases, it is much easier to bear. Of course, it is quite possible to get from the garlic. chemical burn. You can try it too.

The medicine

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