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Earlier, US Army released ALARACT 382/2011: Prevention cold lesions in the fall / winter 2011 season.

In particular, the US Army issues directives to how to prevent Cold Weather Injuries, or Cold lesions (CWI). According to ALARACT, cold lesions include:

  • Lesions due to a decrease in temperature (hypothermia, frostbite, nonfreezing cold injury)
  • Damage due to overheating (for example, burns, etc.)
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning (carbon monoxide)
  • Orchestration of cold stress.

Taken from GTA 8-6-12

According to the reports of the US Army, during the cold season 2010-2011, 306 cases of death and congestion, 162 cases leading to amputations.

The US Army has long relied on the abbreviation COLD, to prevent cold injury among the soldiers. In fact, if not deciphered, it can be found in ALARACT.

  • C – “Hygiene – feet, socks and clothes are warmer when they are clean.”
  • O – overheating – do not wear too much – sweat and freeze.
  • L – “Layers of heat and heat resistance,” ”
  • D – humidity – wet clothes – cold – dry -.

Considering the problems of the Army CWI can easily be avoided C-O-l-d. The army has also developed several sets of cold weather clothes, such as Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS) Gen iii and Fire Resistant Environmental Ensemble (FREE) that helps taking care of itself much easier.

Soldier to choose clothing in accordance with the environment. ECWCS Gen III developed taking into account FREE designed for crews of vehicles and armored vehicles. Actually FR (Fire resistant – Refractory) in the title says this. Both systems are available as standard. UCP, so in OCP for use in Afghanistan. For the US Army, both of these systems are by ADS, Inc.

For more information on ECWCS Gen III and FREE, see

Unfortunately, injuries are a risk of military service, but many can be avoided. Cold lesions (CWI) fall into this category. More information on CWI –

How to defeat himself

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