How to defeat the Green Beret, the US Army hand-to-hand combat complex, judoko, UNIBOS, combat sambo, survival and hand-to-hand combat in world armies, a manual.

The author, analyzing the training methods of foreign special forces of the commando type, offers a number of recommendations. The book contains many drawings illustrating combat techniques and the preparation of the duel. The unique material will interest not only the military, hand-to-hand instructors and martial artists, but also all martial arts enthusiasts.

Hand-to-hand training.

Hand-to-hand combat should be studied in complexes. Each of which corresponds to a specific goal or contributes to the solution of specific tasks. Moreover, each complex should be designed not only for a strictly defined period of time allotted for its study, but also for a certain level of physical fitness of students.

When making complexes, one should proceed from real combat situations. In every possible way avoiding any window dressing. Complex technical elements should be introduced into training programs only when they do not have an adequate replacement, made up of simpler technology.

It is very important to focus students on the most likely options for the development of a particular situation. And prepare them for this both mentally and technically. When working with objects and weapons, attention should be paid to various manners of warfare. While pointing to the most optimal. So, for example, the manners of maintaining a short-cut knife, bayonet-knife and knife type machet are significantly different, exceeding the size of the bayonet-knives.

In many ways, the optimal manners of combat even differ with the same weapon, but in different situations, depending on many conditions. A fighter armed with one or more units of weapons, engages in battle with one or more opponents. Armed or unarmed. Moreover, a collision can occur in water, in a swamp, in the mountains, etc..

When training in hand-to-hand combat, as well as in overcoming obstacles, marches for survival, and other similar events, various methods of psychological impact on students should be used. With the help of which they provide versatile preparation of their psyche for the conditions of modern combat.

Masks or a frightening face painting of rivals, their unusual outfit (including the military uniform of another country), light and noise effects, unusual terrain, darkness and uncertainty – all this and much more with skillful use will prepare the psyche of the fighters for any unexpected.

How to defeat the Green Beret, the US Army hand-to-hand combat complex, judoko, UNIBOS, combat sambo, survival and hand-to-hand combat in the world armies, manual DOWNLOAD THE BOOK

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