How to determine the methyl alcohol in vodka

Deceit methyl alcohol It is indistinguishable in its organic properties (taste, color, transparency, viscosity, etc.). If you’re thinking about what you’re thinking of methanol or not. And even if ethanol fill a bottle methanol you will not be in intensive care. And yes, this is not a joke.

Methanol is the strongest organotoxic poison. Once in the body, it turns out to be a formal, acidic and formaldehyde. The visual nerves are the most affected – you will remain blind, consuming even a large amount methanol. The next blow will take the liver, the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract.

If you’re trying to get around your eyes, you will be able to get rid of your hair.

First aid for methanol poisoning

Emergency help with poisoning methyl alcohol of respirations and kidneys. It is impossible to carry you out. methanol the person must be taken immediately to the hospital.

It is necessary to clean the stomach as soon as possible. The urge to drink. 100ml 30% ethanol, Ethanol to drink. Everything. Hands of doctors. But hope is not enough. If it’s not a problem, it’s possible to remain blind. But this rarely happens. Despite the best efforts of doctors, such patients most often die.

Methods for the determination of methanol in vodka

Therefore, disaster recovery is a matter of course. Buy a bottle of vodka. You can also buy whiskey and brandy. When you come home, you’ll find yourself in the clean and clean bottle. Light and watch the flame. Methanol ethanol – blue. There is another way. For example, with a cigarette lighter, then it can be used. If it contains methanol, then there will be a formal smell of formaldehyde. Ethanol will also emit a light aroma of ripe apples.

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The method of the synthesis of methanol in vodka

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