How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

Taking control of your own life is something everyone wants to do, but there are several ways to do it and several things to think about before doing it. Disappearing altogether is a way of taking absolute control of your life, but it is important to know that the life you live once you have succeeded will definitely not be easy. It’s going to be hard work and it’s going to take a lot of dedication.

So be sure to be ready for the full-time and lifetime commitment (and your family will do so) before taking these steps into oblivion by discovering how to disappear completely.

What to consider

Before deciding to disappear, you should think about the possible consequences. If you have any type of criminal or civil charges, you owe it to the debt or for whatever reason you might see it avoids your responsibilities if it goes away, you could face some serious charges if you ever find it.

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

If your family sends a search group and receives the police or other people involved, you may also be responsible for the costs of that search group. That’s why it’s important to consider what you’re leaving behind and make sure you’ve made the arrangements for whatever you need and, definitely, for yourself, so everyone knows you’re not going to look for it.

The best chance to disappear completely is if you go alone. That does not mean you have to do it, but you should remember that the more people who go with you, the harder it will be to perform this task. Children make it even harder than another adult, so think long and hard before deciding to take the children to this type of lifestyle.

You will also want to make sure that you can not be accused of kidnapping if you take a child with you and that the lifestyle you are going to provide them with is not going to accuse you of danger of extinction either.


The first thing you should do is get rid of all the things you can. Remember that you want to get away from the rest of the world, which means that you should look at everything you have and think about what you absolutely need and what you simply want. Photos and other memories should go. It is a sad experience, but the best thing you can do is burn all the images, letters and other elements that you have.

You will also want to get rid of your car so no one will follow it. Leave it somewhere in a bad neighborhood and keep the title on the inside so you do not have to worry about sitting for a long time. Someone will take care of that loose end very quickly. And make sure you do not take anything that links you to your old life. All you need is some clothing and some hygiene items from that old life and, of course, your survival supplies.

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

Your next step should be to disconnect from anything and everything you can. If you are online with profiles on social networks, start deleting them. It will take some time to achieve it because simply removing those profiles will be suspect for most people. Instead, you want to relieve them slowly so that no one notices once the profile has disappeared. You will also want to leave the house when no one else will notice or suspect it.

If your neighbors are watching and you can make it look like you’re just going to the gym, that’s fine. But if you think there is something strange, you should wait for a better time when no one sees it.

You’re going to want a lot of money to take with you. That means visiting the bank several times during the previous months to withdraw cash, checks, savings bonds or other accounts and make sure you are keeping the cash in a safe place.

Credit cards and checks can be tracked and whenever you try to collect any type of government bond that must be reported. That is why he wants to do it for a long period of time, so that nobody realizes that he is taking everything. The last thing you want to do is walk a day before you leave and take back everything you own.

The best ways you can travel are the ways in which you will take your money and will not ask for any information. Your own two feet, your bicycle, a train or a bus will help you, but remember that any form of public transport will cause some level of danger since someone could see it. It is also possible that they have security cameras on board, so be sure to use these transport methods in moderation.

Create the story

You’re going to have to say something to everyone. The possibilities are pretty good if one day you leave the house and disappear without a trace, people will ask and they will look for you. That’s where all that time and money come in because, if the police get involved, there’s a greater chance that they’ll find it and there’s a greater chance that you’ll have to pay a lot of money for a search you did not even want in the first one. place.

Spend a lot of time on your cover story and make sure you are solving all the gaps. Consider the questions that people will ask and have a ready answer. The more prepared you are, the better you will be when the time comes and you have to let the news come out.

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

Your story could be about a new job, the great vacations of your life, whatever you want. Make sure you tell as few people as necessary so that the story sticks, because the more people you tell, the more likely it is that some of the details are different and you do not want anyone to compare notes.

The best thing you can do to disappear is to cut all links, but if you’re not ready for that, you’ll need a prepaid phone or a fictitious email account that you can use from a public computer. Tell your friends about the account information, but do not tell them anything different from what you told anyone else. They will not be able to find it yet, even though they can contact you. But if you need them or want to hide again, you can find them.

Create an identity

If you have a lot of money, you can create your own corporation that will channel the money (your own money) through a system for you. It must be done with great care so that it is difficult to trace your name and even if someone connects you, you really can not discover that the money comes from you, only that some are receiving it. However, you will not want a real false ID because this could cause you some serious problems if you do not know to whom you really belong.

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

You will have to recreate your whole being. That means making sure you change the look and the way you act. It’s hard to do, but it will keep people from recognizing you on the off chance that one of your old friends from high school will fly into the neighborhood you’ve created yourself in or someone starts looking for you and gives the police information about your habits .

If you have small quirks or strange habits, you should make some dramatic changes immediately and stop them. You will also want to change your appearance with a new hairstyle, a new color, a new style. The more you change, the harder it will be to recognize you later.

Packaging supplies

If you are going to disappear and live completely out of the earth, you will want to take your survival gear with you. You need things like a tent, a sleeping bag, a map, walking boots, ropes, tools, anything you need to live off the land. You will also need a lot of warm clothes, so gathering all these elements can take a lot of time. Unless your plan is to let everyone know that you are going on a hiking trip and camping in Europe for a few months, you will not get away with buying all the supplies and will hide them almost at the last minute.

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

If you plan to take all your hard earned money and live on an exotic island for the next fifty years, then you will want money and some clothes, but you will not need survival equipment. You will have a much more relaxing rest of your life. Just make sure you do not take anything personal, as it could easily be tracked. Definitely not something you want because it will ruin those permanent vacations.

Plan carefully

He needs to get away somewhere where nobody will know him and nobody will recognize him, not even by chance. If it is well known, that means you will have to travel much farther or try harder to change your appearance. For the average person, this process will not be difficult, since their friends and family are probably located in a central location and any other average person will not recognize it from twenty other people. That is the best way to go

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

You want to know where you’re going from the beginning. The plan should not be traveling forever. You want to find a place where you can settle down and start your new life. It will take some work, but you can achieve much more in that way and that is important. Be sure to pay attention to the documents you may need to obtain them, either in a national place or in an international place. You may even want to buy tickets with those credit cards for the last time so that people think you have gone to a part of the world when you are really going to go to a different place. That will help get them out of the way.

Shoot people

You should try to prevent someone from finding out too much about you. From now on, you’ll be the loner wherever you go. You will not have friends or create a family. You will not start in a new company. He must be able to be completely self-sufficient in some way and that is definitely not easy. It is better for those who have their own wealth or for those who will live mainly from the land. You will have to discover how you fit into that scenario and what you are going to do to keep the money alive.

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

When you talk to people (because you will occasionally have to), try to be a little vague about personal information. You have to make them think that you are telling them a lot and opening up without really revealing anything. Create personal stories instantly (but only if you know you will not see them again) or “reveal” things about you that are not really true. Maybe with that waitress who just wants to talk a little too much or with the guy you run into in the elevator.

If you travel completely, you’ll want to make sure you have cash for all the places you go. Never use a credit card or a check for anything. You should always use cash because it is completely impossible to track. They can not find out where it came from or get information because too many people touch an invoice in a single day and definitely in several days. There is no way to obtain information about it (although sometimes they do it in television programs).

Disappearing with children

If you have to take your children with you, know that it will be much more difficult. Must maintain a specific standard of living for children and that includes stable housing, meals and education when they are old enough. If you do not provide those things and find them, it could cause serious legal problems, including jail time and even taking your children away. Make sure you are aware of this before taking your children to the situation.

If your children have another parent who does not go with you, I understand that you could face kidnapping charges. Although the child is also yours, you have no right to deny the other parent’s visit (unless the court has already revoked the visit and your rights). However, if they have some kind of parental rights over the child, they will be charged with kidnapping or at least denying their legal rights, which could also result in imprisonment or the loss of their own parental rights. You need to understand these possibilities before you leave.

How to Disappear Completely: When You Need To Cover Your Tracks

Disappearing with children will also require a lot more work. It is more difficult to get their children to give up everything they have known and even more difficult to avoid trying to connect with old friends and other family members (especially when they are older when they leave).

It will also be harder for them not to talk to other people or share information about their past life, which they try to get away from and forget completely. So be sure to talk to them and work with them as much as possible to help them understand how important it is to keep those facts a secret and try to avoid opportunities where they can talk to others as much as possible.

Staying with your children at all times will be essential to make your plan work. If you are not with them, you do not know what they might be doing and it will be very easy for your disappearance to suddenly become a rediscovery. He does not want to spend all that time, effort and money organizing his plan and his disappearance only so that his son makes a seemingly innocent comment that everything is lost and ruined everything.

If you plan to disappear completely, you must make sure that you are thinking from the beginning and put all the effort and as much time as possible. You’re going to need to work hard on this. It is not something you can decide to do and execute in a week.

So think it over. Take a year if you can plan everything, create your story, become completely liquid and definitely get rid of everything you can. If you can keep people away from your home, you can even start selling many of your possessions to get even more money. Because the more effective you are, the better you will be at discovering how to disappear completely.


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