How to equip your car in a zombie apocalypse

American colleagues are not abstract survival, but survival in a zombie apocalypse. It’s not a problem. So we read, we’re on our brains and we’re out.

Choose an adequate car for zombie apocalypse survival – recipe for success. You will not be equipped with a wheelbarrow (such as the H3 from Zombieland) will suddenly fall on your head. If you’re a big pedestrian car ** If you can’t get it, think about it. The city of barely working clunker?

The road will be overcome. So perfect “survival vehicle“Should not be able to overcome the rugged terrain, but briskly along the highways, if such are found.” If you’re not in the least, you can need.

It is an apocalypse:

High ground clearance decides, since it significantly increases maneuverability without any problems. Car capacity It is a fact that for the whole group. Any Porsche will keep you quietly from danger, but that’s all. Inventory. The chances of survival. In short, the bigger the car, the better it is. But if you’re unlucky, you’ll greatly expand your meager options.

The cabriolets are quite funny, but in terms of reliability, this is really a weak point. So you can protect you even when gasoline runs out. It is no longer possible. But the Land Rovers, especially those who have been, are a great choice.

Editor’s Note. When the fuel runs out. And it will end up quickly. It is already easier to act. It would be a long way out.


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