How to escape a fire in a room?

Not so long ago, we’ve seen it’s not quite the most convenient situation. This time will be considered another case. So imagine that you are sitting at home … AND … FIRE !!! That’s when you want your first mistake.

The first rule: no panic. It is necessary to make a statement.

Signs of a starting fire

There are no signs of a fire. Electric heating lines, electric heating lines, Someone recognizes the sound of soot. Residential building is most often promoted by air ducts. This is why it’s not a problem. If you smell it or burn it, it’s located:

  • in your apartment (in the room, kitchen, utility room, on the balcony, loggia, etc.);
  • on the staircase (garbage chute, mailbox, etc.);
  • in the next apartment;
  • in the next house (seen from your window).

Fire in the apartment You must immediately call the fire protection. This should be done from a safe apartment or a street payphone. Dial the number “01” and report the following information:

  1. Address where fire or fire is detected.
  2. The object where the fire occurs in the school, in the apartment, in the school, in the school, etc.
  3. What exactly is on: TV, furniture, car.
  4. If you’re there’s a danger to people,
  5. Report your name and phone number.

Speak by phone clearly and calmly, without haste. If you’re on the air, you’ll be given the information. Coming out of the house, Considering it at the very beginning; There are no limits on your delay. What are your actions in a fire? Consider a few situations.

Situation: a fire in the apartment

The reasons:

  • electrical appliances left;
  • smoking in bed, especially when drunk;
  • careless handling of fire (warming pains and mastics, drying laundry over the stove, etc.);
  • placement of wallpaper and wooden structures;
  • It should be noted that a large number of electrical wiring is designed for 1.5 kW);
  • short circuit of electric wires (if they are wet, twisted, nailed or taped);
  • the use of gasoline and solvents for cleaning clothes;
  • If you have a newspaper or cloth.

If you don’t need to cope with a large fire.Your actions:

  • Immediately call your fire department yourself or your neighbors. He didn’t
  • It is not necessary to get the firefighters to arrive at the start. If there is a switch on the panel, it will turn on. Remember: flammable liquids to extinguish with water is inefficient. It is the best to use a flowerpot. Do not break the glass. It is not necessary.
  • Close up of the fire around the site. There is a meeting between the firefighters and the firefighters. It is impossible to reach the balcony door. Do not try to move on to your own – this is dangerous!
  • For your peace of mind

Situation: a fire in the kitchen

The reasons:

  • It is dangerous to store chemicals;
  • curtains, wooden cabinets, shelves, etc. must be kept at a safe distance from the stove;
  • or food left unattended
  • food oils at a temperature of about 450 ° C self-ignite;
  • It spreads out over the kitchen;
  • when it comes to the kitchen lights, it is short circuited
  • warming mastic, paraffin, etc. It is inevitably leads to these substances and fires.
  • water extinguishing when the electric stove is turned on is dangerous!

Your actions:

  • If the oil caught fire (in the pan, in the pan), if possible, shut off the gas and electricity supply. It will be possible to make it clear.
  • It is safe to use it.
  • If the plate is overheated, then it will cover the helix with a wet cloth.
  • Warn your neighbors for fire, immediately inform your fire brigade.

Situation: the TV caught fire

The reasons:

  • Use of non-standard fuses;
  • operation of the TV for a long time without supervision;
  • hit on the wall (during a rule, during children’s games);
  • use of a faulty TV (strong humming, burning smell, etc.);
  • installation of a TV and a wall of furniture, i.e.
  • it is relative to the nominal voltage.

Your actions:

  • If you’re on TV, you’ll see it. It is not a problem. It is turned on again.
  • If you smell smoke, turn off the TV – unplug the power cord. If you are not in the electrical panel. Be sure you can not cope with it; Call on the help of neighbors.
  • If you’re not burning, you’ll not be able to get rid of it. Cover the flame with a thick cloth or use it. To avoid burning poisoning, breathe through a wet towel. Immediately remove heat, especially children and the elderly.
  • If you can, you can. After that, you need to know how to repair it.

Situation: fire on the balcony

The reasons:

  • Do not use clutter for food;
  • Keep cleaning, flammable materials, and non-flammable materials;
  • it will save your life during fire;
  • Remember: a glass of fire. Go to lower floors;
  • It is not necessary to make sure you can’t make it.
  • keep it on the balcony at all times;
  • it doesn’t blow sparks; Ask your neighbors to follow your example.

Your actions:

  • If you smell smoke, call the fire brigade immediately, notify your neighbors and call for help. Stew
    It has been shown that it has been threatened. If you are on the balcony, after informing passers-by.
  • If you can’t make it, you can’t make it. It can be cleaned by water. Do you want to risk injury or burn.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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