How to fight against the “Islamic state”: the Russian volunteer

Anton (name changed) – who is fighting against the “Islamic state *”. There are several days and 30 thousand rubles. He wrote on the Kurdistan National Defense Forces. The Kurdish troops in Rozhava (each one of them) have been responsible for each council. two chairmen). Anton 25, in Russia, he worked as a lawyer. Ig.

Here, its socialist atmosphere

Facebook page Lions of Rojava. You need to know at least 700 bucks and various equipment. It will be your dumb comic. We recommend you to take care of the weapons. Volunteers are also more fighting from Europe, the USA and Australia, the Chinese, Iranians and Turks are also fighting. I’m an individualist, I’m an individualist and a decadent, and I’m not a bit like this.

It is the best to get into the squad. Ass will be more whole. “IG” pays $ 500 for the head of a volunteer. You are not allowed to fight, but they also depend on Tabur. For example, it was a comrade. He will go blind. I pray that he will not be next to me. I am often asked about money here. We are volunteers, we are volunteers, not clerks fucking. If you need something, you can go to the commander and talk about it. I’ve given a list of our own socialist atmosphere here.

Diarrhea and death of the army life

IG has been a fire show, pancake. But in general there is a sluggish war. There is little action, something else, something else is an adventure. When you sit in positions, you follow your site more. News scoops from the Internet, which appeared only recently. “The mice cried, they priced themselves gloomy and wanted to die.” There are still ten miles away. A couple of times, igilovskaya intelligence was treading opposite our positions. There is a tense situation there.

The sound of a falling mine. He wasn’t killed, he wasn’t killed. He was scared. The Kurds and the Kurds are also pitied. But I understood that he was a person. It can be respected.

War is the death of friends. One died on Victory Day, May 9th. He added. This is not a damn thing. But she doesn’t ask about it. It is an alien climate. Pita bread with stains of mold, rice, beans. Cheese in the morning is the same, stored in brine. Potatoes – almost a festive dish.

Chechens and Ingushs create real problems

The Western World is partly to blame for this war. The US gives weapons to the helpless Syrian Free Army (FSA). In turn, she squeezes this weapon “IG” and [another Islamist group] Al-Nusra. The United States again gives the Iraqi army, which is even worse fighting. All repeats. Thank you, Mr. Obama, you are a bloody genius! It is a kind of American agglomerate.

Chechens, Lenin, Kalashnikov and SVD. I feel responsible for what is happening in Rojava. The people are not responsible for their government. Chechens and Ingushs. Do you know how to fight. It is normal for them. They will go to heaven after death. Only this helps the enemies to die. The winner is the one who loves life more.

I do not hate Chechens or “IG”. It is our civilization that gave birth to them. It is a good idea. He has been spawning demons. The Germans did such that “IG” and never dreamed of. The British built concentration camps for women and children. The “Islamic State” is not absolute absolute. It is the whole of western civilization deals with it. They killed Bin Laden, made a show of it.

Everything is clear: we banish

It is a little game. In addition, my political beliefs demanded this. It is a circus of the compulsory scripture.

Muslims protect churches and Christians protect mosques. Atheists are not too far behind, and there is a chord. The Kurds are like this Ancient Greece. French revolution and the USSR.

But I do not want to do so. I believe that girls, music, booze and intoxication are the core values ​​of civilization. Go to discos, go to discos, go to discos, read the anarchist theorist Peter, Kropotkin and the Italian thinker. Here I am fighting for freedom. In my imagination, it is clear that I can protect you. Techno Hardcore is the sound embodiment of freedom. But when I tried to say this, I am joking.

Everything rests solely on a sense of responsibility.

I am fighting in the ranks of the YPG, “units of people’s self-defense.” This is the main military organization, along with the YPJ, “female squads.” Inside the YPG, there are still “sapodit” – these are separate Arab units. It is not a problem. Automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles, grenades, grenade launchers, machine guns, cannons. The legacy of ATS, the legacy of NATO. New weapons are mainly obtained from the dead broads. In this regard, the Kurds really appreciate our Russian “shaitans” – their equipment is excellent.

Tabur is the basic organizational unit. Tabur is like a partisan detachment with considerable independence. The number is not fixed – about 150 people. The detachment does not have a fixed distribution of duties, except for combat specialization: submachine gunners, snipers, machine gunners, drivers. Cleaning, cooking, duty, chores are evenly distributed. So, the commander of the Tabur works with the rank and file. The age of employees varies – 15 years. It is a war on war. Who couldn’t be unnecessarily.

It is a form of war. Plain does not inspire large-scale offensive action. The World War I makes it a bit different. Creation of a defensive system. The main armored vehicles remain technicals – pickups with large-caliber machine guns mounted in the back. It was ruining for the whole world. An example of a BRDM (armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle) BRDM (tactical reconnaissance and patrol vehicle). The result is obvious – the box with the guys.

If you talk about it – a mess. The dissertation of the war computer organization. In military terms, the Kurds are better than the Arabs, but not by much. Recently, there were three wounded due to careless handling of weapons. Nevertheless, they confront terrorists with Syria and Iraq. They take more courage and strategy. Everything rests solely on the responsibility of the Kurds.

But sometimes I’m not sure what to do. If you’re

* – we remind that it’s “Islamic State”, it’s “

How to fight against the “Islamic state”: the Russian volunteer

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