How to find flint in a snowy forest

Probably everyone understands that in the task making fire lighters and matches – our everything. I think it’s a bit hard-nosed zombie apocalypse ogdalschik or sullen schemer-companion ferrocerium ogivo, and you can get fire right away. This is so convenient.


Skill spread the fire It has been the case that it has been the case.

In the list of alternative means for anyway making fire, even in the absence of matches / lighters, what usually comes to mind right away?

Well, right – all the same ferrocerium flint, Indian in in in in in in in in in in Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian Indian

More exotic ways, such as rolling up the cold water, leave for real kids.

And today I have a lot of news for those who are thinking or have been mastered.

It is a scandalous and decisive verb “survival”, which is a question and a question.

“Well, well, suppose that everything is so. Where do you ax, there is a file. Sounds reasonable. But you also need a stone! It turns out Well, how? – He will not fall from the sky at the right time! In case of airtight case instead. BUT? Well, somehow, agree … “

And then a tricky interrogation begins with a predilection on the topic: “ flint? And who is this flint I saw in … .. (Yeah, they caught me !!!) … a winter forest? !! “.

This is the topic of today’s post:

How to find flint in a snowy forest

Flints for such an emergency, it is quite possible to find it in winter forest covered with deep snow. Dowsing or cheerful dog-flint“and a blue border”. Just open the eyes and take it. Well, do not turn off your head.

Where can we find such flint? On (if it is a railway embankment, for example, a railway or bank), or In the ground. In the forest, you can only count on the second option. At least in the forests of the middle lane. However, we need to find out where to go. Do not dig up snowdrifts. Or do not get expensive.

But we will not dig anything. And what will we do?

See photos and videos.

In the few hundred meters. Those. exaggerating a little bit it turns out “at every step.”

Does this mean that you are guaranteed flint or even any at all? Of course not. Guarantees, as the unforgettable O. Bender said, only gives an insurance policy. Well, we can only rely on our knowledge, skills, observation and, of course, luck. Where are without him!

Good luck!

Making fire

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