How to find food in the forest

For an unadapted person to survive. It gives you what you need. For the city dweller, it will be a must. But it’s still better than starving. He gives you a taste of peace.

Food in the forest

It is a water cannabis in the forest. More nutritious such bark will be filled with juices. It is also suitable for the summer and autumn season. It can be mined as follows: Then, you need to remove the upper bark.

It is clear that it can be used in the water, so that it can be used in the water. Undoubtedly, such food taste and smell. But there is no need to disgust it.

As a food, you can take a secondary bark of such trees as: birch, aspen, maple, spruce, willow, poplar, pine. This bark will be the most useful. Trees can also be food for you. You can also use it, it is also called “resin.” In pine, flower buds, as well as cones. From the needles you can make a vitamin drink.

There are many willow, young sprouts and leaves, and even prepare them for winter. Bottom of the seal It’s a bit of a mess. This ensured the intake of natural vitamins and nutrients.

As food, cattail, reed and reed are also suitable. Their most valuable in their taste nuts and berries.

A lot of delicious and nutritious berries, mushrooms, roots, herbs with generosity gives us nature. If you are going to travel. It is also very important to know how to say “in person”. It has been shown that it has been edible components. Thereby you will be able to reduce your health.

Food in the forest

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