How to find water in the forest? Part 1

In stock, the traveler should always have a flask of water. However, it’s possible to make it out. What to do, how to find water, if you were in a deserted forest?

Find the hidden water source

First of all, you can hear their noise. Willow, calamus, buttercup, willow, willow and other moisture-loving plants

If you still have a bed, it is not a despair. The green grass indicates the proximity of groundwater. Try digging a small well with improvised means in this place. It is also necessary to avoid contamination. For more detailed methods of water purification, read our article “Water – only clean!”. If you want to go on your own water

Get the sap from the trees

If you are on the street – you can collect birch or maple sap. V-shaped cuts on the bark. There is a leaflet for the juice of the leaflet. In a day from 5-6 liters of juice.

Evaporate water from plants

Australian Brian Covej. Evaporate this water method. It is enough to have a tight plastic bag and a piece of rope. Find a tree or shrub with the most dense foliar cover. Put together the largest number of branches and tie it up. It will tied up, because evaporating moisture will accumulate in the bottom. It remains only to wait …

Can be collected up to a liter of water. If you’re a little bit cold, you’ll be able to follow the rules. for a longer time. For a long time. Water in the forest. Read this article.

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How to find water in the forest? Part 1

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