How to find water in the forest? Part 2

In the first part of our article, you’re not exhausted. There are ways to extract life-and-moisture moisture, so that you can’t thirst – animal fluid .

Rainwater harvesting

Often in the backpack traveler can be found at least a small piece of plastic film. Rainwater or dew in the forest. It should be noted that there is no need for a polyester. During the rain, you can collect a sufficiently large amount of water. In most cases, collected rainwater can not be cleaned, because it is already distilled. But, given the contamination of some regions of the country. It should not be used in any way.

If there is no rain, 200 grams of dew overnight. Also, it can be condensed with a wrap. Water to your thirst.

Water condensation

In the pit itself, in the center of the condensate will flow. In the case of water, it can be brought out. So you can drink water without dismantling the “greenhouse” and use it a few more times.

Dew collection

Linen or cotton is well suited for collecting dew or rainwater. If you are still in the morning, you can move it over. Can also be tied around a tree trunk. It will be taken during the night of the catchment basin. Therefore, you need to put a bowler under it.

Snow melting

It can be a handful of snow, no matter how you drink it. Snow should be melted in portions. If you put it on, you will burn it. It is recommended to take snow from tree trunks, where it is less polluted. It is preferable to take ice rather than snow. Plus ice can be heated twice as much. Ice into small pieces.

If snow can be heated in other ways. For example, an ice cream bottle for your body. If there is a slight incline. Throw on a snow stone for the collection of water. If there is a plastic film – it. There is no need for any kind of sun.

Water extraction from animals

It is an animal liquids. He described the episode in his love for life, trying to survive, his bit. Can be attributed to extreme measures. But in the wild, not the strongest survive, and no prejudice no longer matters …

This also includes water extracted from fish. Almost all large fish along the ridge stretches a cavity filled with fluid. Lay the fish on its side, gently remove the ridge and drink it. In this way, it’s your thirst.

How to find water in the forest? Part 2

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