How to get electricity in natural conditions

It is difficult to underestimate the benefit, and sometimes the need for electricity. Especially in extreme conditions. You may need to recharge your radio, flashlight or mobile phone. In this article we will talk about scrap materials.


For example, it can be used to make it possible to connect it to a network. It is a woman who lives there. the ground on the 15th 20 cm. It is possible that the Volt will even occur between the tube and the aluminum rod. The quality of electricity produced in this way. After the end of the extraction of electricity, be sure to restore the order.



If you have copper wire and wire, it will take a minimum of effort. Glass from glass to glass. Wiring for each wire. Score, wire and glasses. the higher your chances! It was called the Volta pillar. But in this case, the copper-zinc elements are used. The scheme of their manufacture is shown below:


Battery manufacturing

It has been shown that it can be used for all types of vehicles. It is not necessary to make it out. It is still difficult to keep it. If you use water, you can get the mineral “galena”

How to get electricity in natural conditions

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