How to get into the apartment

How can thieves get into your apartment

There are few options to get through the windows. Do not take the most exotic view – through the chimney.

Will you need a small balconies climbing training.

Plastic windows – a gift for the “burglar.” From the tool you need only a long steel steel screwdriver. The screwdriver is inserted into the house. Therefore, it is not possible to resist. So a couple of seconds – and the window is open. Of course, the traces of hacking will remain. Therefore, it is necessary to burglary.

To climb the windows, you need climbing skills, so for example, many climbers, retrained. They made a facade. Cannabis industrial mountaineering (special technology to perform space). Well, and other “specialists” with this skill.

It is not necessary to leave it unattended.

For apartment security The car door. If you’re looking for a door, you’ll be able to do it. , hinges, crossbar … Penetration into the room apartment theft carried out by: breaking the door locks, cutting the bolt, drilling the cylinder mechanism, knocking out such a mechanism, etc.); If you need these keys, you can use the keys. They also have the keys to make copies of them.

How to find an apartment

Apartment theft can occur either “on the tip” or “on the tip of the foot.” In fact, the preparation is being explored. Too often talking acquaintances, friends, tenants, and friends often become gunners. Sometimes an information leak occurs. If you are a group of workers, you can get it.

Often, thieves are expensive, there is an upholstery on the door. There is a chance that there will be a pattern in the appliance. Usually work in pairs.

There are several times that they have been checked for security cameras. If the door is opened or asked through the door, then they will pretend that they are mistaken or prepare some question.

Glue door eyes for burglars

Readings – for fidelity, they pull a thread. The match entered the apartment.

Gunners room thieves Stickers, markers or a marker on the door.

Where most often is a thief looking for value?

There is a chance to go on the table.

This is not the case. burglary, however, we will continue next time.

From M.Didenko’s new book – “Self-defense without weapons. How to win in a street fight

Protection against burglaries. How to fit

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