How to get out if you’re sucked into a swamp

Catch in the swamp. You are inevitably drawing in under murky, heavy water. Today we will share important rules, how not to perish, being in such a situation. It can happen either in a forest area or other open space. This is what you can do when it comes to water, so you can’t get it. out of it.

It becomes a rule that it makes it impossible to see it. It is a good idea to find out how you can feel about it.

It is possible to see a real quagmire. Sucked into the swamp can instantly or gradually. Then the person is sucked in instantly; It is impossible to get out of sight. If you get out of the way.

But this will require knowledge of some rules.

Basic rules of behavior

There is no need for any movement of movements, for once in a swamp. There is a chance to escape. Be it a sweetie, it’s a real bar. It’s a good idea. If you’re getting in the water, you’re getting in and out of the hummocks, sucked much slower.

If you’re not so much a stick, you’ll be sticking, then you shouldn’t be sticking, it will be easier for you to get out. In the case of a small broomstick going to the mud.

If there is nothing in the hands

If you haven’t been a lever, try to take a horizontal position. Do you need to go on your body? In this position, you can wait for reinforcements. But you can’t even be a deeper. Cannot even shout loudly, calling for help, or even less swinging limbs.

If you are still a woman, he will not be able to get it. If you want to be able to help you, you can’t make it out. It has been a rule. It is also possible that it should be taken out of course of a person’s life during the session. .

&# 171; I was sucked dangerous bog&# 187; or how to get out of the swamp

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