How to get through the swamp: a safe way to travel

Every experienced tourist, who knows exactly how to get past the swamp, also knows that it is worth it as a last resort. Perhaps no natural zone poses as many dangers as a swamp. Therefore, if you go into the forest (no matter whether you are a tourist, a hunter or a mushroom picker), you need to know more about what precautions to take when crossing a swamp, and what to do if a person is dragged by a bog.

  • What are the swamps
  • 2What you need to go
  • 3 Rules of movement in the swamp
  • 4How to pull a person out if he failed

What are the swamps

Swamp speciesTo begin with, experts divide all the swamps into three types:

  • The upper ones are located in the upper reaches of the rivers. The main food is sedimentary. In the summer heat, they become very shallow or even dry up. The most simple to pass. They can be identified by the presence of separate trees and an abundance of sedge.
  • Lowland – appear on the ground lakes and river floodplains. Replete with swamps. In some cases, have an area of ​​tens of square kilometers. Almost impassable in spring and difficult to pass in summer and autumn. Trees almost never occur. It is rare to see a shrub of a painful look. The most complex bogs are characterized by the presence of grass floating on the surface of the water and a large number of reeds growing out of the water.
  • Transitional – combine the features of the two varieties described above.

Knowing about the main features, you can easily classify the encountered bog and, accordingly, decide how dangerous the transition will be.

What you need to go

First of all, decide – is the passage through the swamp really important? In order to shorten the route by 10-15 kilometers, or just for the sake of pleasure and thrill, it’s not worth trying to get into the swamp. Movement through the swamp is only possible if absolutely necessary.

You need a stick to go through the swampThe danger can be reduced if properly prepared. Each person in the group should have:

  • Stick – long, light, but at the same time strong. She can not only test the road, but also use it to redistribute the weight, if a person still fell into a quagmire and tries to get out.
  • Rope – each member of the group must be connected with one or two people. In this case, the rope will allow him to pull out or, at least, slow down the pulling into the swamp, winning precious minutes to make the right decision.
  • Bog shoes – if not ready, then you can try to make them from improvised means. Normal branches will do. Bog access increases foot area, reducing pressure on weak soil. Take care that they can be easily and quickly reset in an extreme situation.

Before taking the first steps through the swamp, be sure to relax the straps of the backpack and other equipment. Unfasten the discharge belt.
Yes, it will be harder to walk – the load from the heavy backpack on the shoulders will increase. But if a person fails into a swamp, he will be able to drop off the extra burden in seconds, increasing the chances of survival. With trembling hands, across the chest in the dirt, it can be very difficult to unfasten an ordinary carbine.

Preparing for the transition, you can begin storming the swamp.

Rules of movement in the swamp

The rules of movement along the quagmire are quite simple, but you cannot forget about them for a second – the swamp does not forgive mistakes and thousands of people who are not attentive or overconfident have found their end in peat deposits, next to leeches and toads.

  1. When walking, be sure to probe each step with a stick – check whether the soil is strong enough. The speed of movement can be reduced to 500-700 meters per hour. But the risk will decrease.
  2. it is necessary to go slowly, without making sudden movements – every breakthrough can lead to loss of balance and the most sad consequences.
  3. The distance between people should be small – 2-3 meters. This will quickly come to the aid stumbled.
  4. Stumbling accidentally and falling into a quagmire, try to turn the pole horizontally and lean on it with your chest – the rate of suction will drop dramatically. This will allow comrades pull you out of the swamp.

See for yourself – the way to travel through the swamp is quite simple. If you have such a risky walk, remember these rules and follow every second.

How to pull a person out if he failed

The most unpleasant part of the article, but it is simply impossible not to talk about it – simple advice can save a person’s life.

Having fallen into a quagmire, a person should immediately use a pole (as mentioned above), spread his arms or lay on his back – all this allows increasing the area of ​​contact with the soil, reducing pressure.

Having fallen into the quagmire, a person needs to lie with his arms outstretched to increase the area of ​​contact.Other members of the group should quickly stretch the pole or throw the end of the rope. Pull a person needs to smoothly, but without stopping. Yes, it will require the strain of all forces. But it is enough to give a small slack so that the unfortunate begins to sink even faster. The drowning person himself should help in all ways – to hold on to the stick, to cling to the grass, branches, and shrubs.

When a person is pulled out of the most dangerous quagmire, he should not immediately get up. It is better to crawl on all fours (if depth allows) to a safe path, and only on it to stand up.

Remembering these simple rules, we can assume that you know how to get through the bolothat and be able to pass the obstacle with minimal risk.

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