How to get water in the forest – all the ways of water extraction are described in our article

Caught in the forest under unforeseen circumstances, an unprepared person first of all needs to calm down and start looking for landmarks leading to civilization. This may take a long time, but the body will not stand without water for more than three days. When exposed to other adverse factors, this period may be significantly reduced. Therefore, information on how to get water in the forest can be useful to many.

  • How to find water in the forest?
  • Methods of water extraction in natural conditions

How to find water in the forest?

The most obvious thing that a person who is in the forest can do is try to find a natural spring with water. If around a deciduous forest, you need to listen to the possible murmur of a stream or spring. The coniferous forest is more dry; you can only find water there in the lowlands, so you need to go down the ravine, all sorts of hollows and slope. A small island of deciduous forest in the middle of coniferous – a sign that there is a reservoir nearby, as this indicates a large accumulation of moisture in the ground.

If around a lot of moisture-loving plants and greenery, it means that the source is somewhere nearby. Places that are densely covered with grass usually hide water under loose soil. Groundwater is located closest to the lowest points of the forest, it is necessary to look, above all, there. To facilitate the search, you can climb on any hill, it is easier to find streams and rivers.

methods of water extraction in natural conditions

In addition, the bottom of the dug pit can be thrown with grass, put a container inside to collect the liquid. Above the pit is polyethylene, the ends of which are fixed at its edges with stones. In the center of the bag is a pebble. The principle of the device is that the condensate formed from the greenery, under the weight of the stone will be collected inside the tank.

Elementary method – collecting rainwater using any impermeable material that sinks into the tank, forming a drain.

Whatever way the water is produced, in most cases it requires minimal cleaning and disinfection.

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