How to hide all information about Facebook in 5 minutes

They are much more than their parents or even their spouses. This is not a very pleasant fact. It is a state of mind. For example, if you’ve become an advisor and “from above”, you have been ordered to urgently delete it. AT Facebook Trying to keep it open, you’ll be able to hide it. You can’t literally go into “invisible mode”.

After the pop-up menu appears, click on the link.See other settings“.

You will be taken to the menu “Privacy Settings and Tools“. Find the item.”Who can see your postings in the future?“And select” Only I “.

Next posts is to hide our previous posts. To do this – click on the link “Restrict access to previous publications.“And confirm the action. Thus, all our previous entries will be visible to friends.

Us a friend. Now you can.

Contact us only friends.

Be sure to disable the ability to find us by e-mail.

Do the same procedure with the phone number.

Another important thing to do is remove the tick “Search for your profile in search results“.

Then go to the menu “Chronicle and tags“. We are looking for settings:

  • Who can you post content in your Chronicle?“,
  • Who are you?“,
  • Who can see what others are posting in your Chronicle?“,
  • It is noted that it is already open?

And everywhere we choose “Only me

After that, the items “You are published in your Chronicle?“And”They appear on Facebook?”Necessary Enable. The last step in this category is the menu “What are you uploaded?“Choose”No one“. We should have the following picture:

Facebook Allow your subscribers to follow along with your friends. We kill this opportunity.

After that we forbid Facebook and third-party sites for various promotional activities.

Almost done! Go to the section “Applications“And disable authorization using Facebook on the third site. And finally – Facebook, in which there is no built-in audience selection function (for example, older versions Facebook for BlackBerry).


Recall that not so long ago Facebook There is a clear discussion of their counting system. Soon it will be deactivated. It is a rule of thumb for a prolonged inactivity.

How to hide it from Facebook

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