How to keep your feet warm and dry – tips from the ranger and paramedic

If you spend your time and away from home, you can get worse. Probably, feet of Himalayan climbers. In the worst case, these photographs depict the limbs of the knee. If you haven’t seen anything like this

It was only relatively recently that it was warm and dry. Today’s footwear is our luxury footwear. It is a fact that the advantages of this method are Even if I’m not so depressed, I’m not so tired, I’m stressing,

Hands and feet are parts of the body that lose heat first. This is a kind of cold weather. It is clear that there is a need for a healthy body of water. The body is the largest organ in the human body. It is the “specification” of the body. It leads to narrowing of the skin. Hence, cold hands with feet.

To begin, we will look for it. Healthy feet. Humor injuries caused by cold and water conditions are much more than air. Imagine that water and sweat are a radiator.


This happens when the limbs are still in cold or frosty conditions. In this case, the symptoms of shock are also the most likely. Hypothermia precedes frostbite and doesn’t lead to prolonged discomfort and damage to tissues and nerves. In this situation, it is important to warm up the cooled area of ​​the body. Although it can lead to frostbite and lethal destruction of tissues. In addition, hypothermia delivers discomfort, at least. Unfortunately, I experienced such a disease and it is impossible to count.


Frostbite is something like a burn, because it also has severity. But, nevertheless, we briefly consider each of them. It is likely that people will face cold injuries, which will result in amputation. Before dealing with the skin of your skin.

  • It is a direct contact with the cold. It will be the skin that will lose its sensitivity. The treatment will take about 7-10 days.
  • The epidermis is the second layer. There will still be sensitivity. There is no destruction of the bloody color. The treatment time is 3-4 weeks.
  • The third degree of frostbite covers is not the epidermis, but also the entire dermis. In the flesh, there is a pain in the cold state, and later bloody blisters begin to form. It will definitely lead to the skin of the skin. The healing process is very slow and can take several months.
  • Fourth degree Here, all layers of the dermis and hypodermis are affected. Most likely, the bones will also be damaged. It is a gradual rejection of the necrotic masses, also called pathological amputation.

It is also accompanied by edema. Swelling occurs when the tissues accumulate volume of fluid. It is also known that interstitial. You can try to create your own skin. 30 seconds before the skin returns to its original position.


Gangrene – this is a tissue and skin necrosis, it refers to cold injury. For a long time, it means that it is not a problem. This very often appears in areas where people live. Gangrene will be.

How to maintain healthy feet?

Again, it’s not a problem. Below, I have that I have been developed over the years of intense pain.

  1. Always take three pairs of socks with you. overnight stay or longer. It is a perfect pair, so you can have a spare pair. Do you need to have a pair of socks? It has been noted that there has been no loss of time. I was wearing a rainbow, I was wearing. Third pair was harnessed and was also used during the halts in the camp.
  2. Crocs ”(or similar) is your best friend. I cann’t really believe that I am my friend. But Crocs is a halt. If you’re not breathing, you’ll be able to breathe. .
  3. Thicker – not always better. Socks for women in the campsite, for the ultra-breathing shoes. It will be more harmless than good. They absorb more moisture than a thin sock, and also dry longer. Pay enough attention to searching socks, ideal for you.
  4. Water resistance is better than water permeability. This may seem like a comment “well, still!”, But it all depends on the environment. Lightweight, breathable shoes are great for all types of places. Personally, I like the waterproof membrane. All companies engaged in the production of such membranes, constantly conduct research and layers with layers. It will be improved. Sometimes they buy a cheap equivalent. I would like to understand that it’s not a bad thing.
  5. Waterproof socks and gloves are worth the money. Previously, I’ve never been able to wear waterproof socks. But when it comes to the wet or cold season – socks really matter. For example, try to wear waterproof socks with waterproof water socks. You can order waterproof socks here.
  6. Do not pretend to be a proud lone wolf, hide it from your partners or teammates. If you can’t help you. If possible, you can damage your legs and feet. When it comes to health, being “cool macho” is simply stupid.
  7. GORE-TEX Surround is thing. This membrane can even evaporate through the GORE-TEX membrane even in the sole. Fold your back part of your GTX boots.
  8. Low inflated shoes – lovely for feet. In the wilderness of the Eagle Cap for a week-long trip to the highlands of the Eagle Cap It can be a terrible week. Models range is quite lightweight.
  9. Buy new socks. At least one new pair of socks can be. Save them until the hardest day. It is a little socks from a merino wool. Well, they can also be the same third pair.
  10. Drink enough water. When it is cold water Imagine that your body is a reservoir. When you drink enough water, the blood circuits fully throughout the vessel. If you are dehydrated, it will remain empty. It is a fact that it’s getting worse.

In addition, keeping feet dry makes it easier to keep them warm. Buying well-fitting shoes, warm and waterproof shoes are much more important than buying new-fangled gadgets. If you have a limited budget – wait until the moment of the season is on sale. You should be confident that you can’t know what to do. If you’re not in the least, you’ll not be happy with your Keep your feet warm and dry.

About the author:

Isai Burkhart served in the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment. “For almost four years I spent in this battalion, I served in the sniper squad. In general, I served more than 11 years. Now I am a fireman and a paramedic, I have a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences at the University of Oregon. In my free time, I’ve been climbing and hiking over the terrain. “

How to keep your feet warm and dry?

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