How to “light” the car

Too much obscurantism has divorced the Internet on this topic lately. I’m not a specialist in this matter :)))

If you want, you can hunt. It is the most importantly, it makes it possible to

For brevity, we will call running machine with a normal battery “donor”, and Dead machine with a dead battery – “parasite”.

How to “light a car”

  1. Throughout the process, the engine speeds up to 3000 rpm or more.
    But for amperage, it is not necessary to use the battery. ”, But to the“ red “Climb, though, not worth it.
  2. Crocodile wires with red handles – clings to the terminals of the batteries + to + (see diagram)
  3. Crocodile wires for parasite car.
  4. We’ve been waiting for the auto-parasite.

Absolutely not:

  1. Strike dissimilar crocodiles together! (Fraught with a short circuit)
  2. Start a car category “B” heavy trucks and motorcycles! (It is a passenger car, it has a voltage of 12 volts, a truck, 24 volts, 6 motor volts) the point of view of the pathologist =)


When buying wires – take the thickest! It is clear that it is possible to carry out the flow of such wires.

Also, you can find your mysterious marking of such lines, do not worry! It is the main indicator of such wires. If it is rough, GrandCheroki can get a Daewoo Matiz, but the wires are needed more thickly.

If you have found out your strengths, I’m not trying to repost maximum!

And you never need this knowledge !!!

Author – Volodimir Kalutsky

How to &# 171; light&# 187; car

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