How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

In the luxurious reality of today, living outside the network may sound like a true scene of apocalypse, but the beauty of its self-sustaining makes one connect more with nature and natural life or, perhaps, with life. Society, its inventions and discoveries have shown us that they hinder us more in dependence instead of enlightening us to use the same genius to be independent. Living outside the network refers to living without any dependency on the government, society and its products.

To know how to live outside the network, one must be aware of being independent. In truth, we are mortal and, therefore, we depend on air, water, food and shelter, but does all this have to cost a job of 9 to 5 or the additional insomnia that accompanies it, much less stress? endless?

Living outside of the network requires living a life without any kind of employment for anyone, so you work hard to eat what you need and to stay on your own. In this case, all the time in the world belongs to your dreams, hopes and interests.

What does it mean to live outside the network?

In our post-progressive era, we have too many definitions for anything and everything that life itself has branched into the same antonyms that it should not be. Centuries ago, all families supported themselves, since that was the network.

The term outside the network refers to being, getting rid of any dependence for existence. Literally, it means that anyone living outside the government network provided electricity. In short, it refers to families that survive on their own without depending on society, government or the public for any means of survival.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

This is a term in the cloud to include that independent house, which has its own endless supply of water, electricity, gas, food and fabrics. During an apocalyptic situation, such a house or family has no fluctuations in their energy supply, food production or fabrics.

To make your own electricity, fuel, water and unlimited food requires a long period of hard productive work. In the course of time, man has begun to misinterpret the purpose of life when getting a job or doing a job. To be a cogwheel under the vagabond of another person is what the world preaches that each one is alive, healthy. A stable 5-day week for 50 years and your insurances ensure it’s ready, packed before it rots! That, maybe it’s the essence of such a life, to depend on someone else.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

True knowledge is free and true life comes without any hindrance of knowledge, but with its omnipotence. Living outside the network follows an amalgamation of the philosophies mentioned above is a brief summary of what it means to live without money in the network. Along with the barter system, when you live outside the network, you tend to earn enough money for any emergency you may have.

With having a plot of land on your own, a garden in the yard and a computer in the garage, disconnecting from the network and earning a few unnecessary dollars along the way is really the right path to take. To understand how to live on your own, start by doing what you love most.

Philosophy of living outside the network without money

Re-wild is not just an elegant word, but also an opportunity to resurrect our wild instincts and be one with the wild, which is the purpose of our life. Some philosophies of this lifestyle are:

Everything in the world is free.

For anyone who really lives outside the network, the world is full of gifts. If you are free, you will realize that to gain something you will not need anything else.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

True freedom makes you see the whole world as opportunities or gift wrappings everywhere. Only the truly free can feel the free things that surround us. Also, the best things are free in the world.

Avoid waste absolutely

The first lesson you should write in your head if you want to continue living outside the network and not just a little vacation is that you must understand all waste as a sin or crime. Avoid all waste. The waste of food, water, fuel and money must be avoided. Buy whatever is necessary for your existence. Everything that depends on your whims and fantasies must be strictly prohibited.

Every time you waste something, a piece of your peace is cut in the future. Buying things because it cheers up your mood is not an excuse to spend money. Saving is your golden rule of existence. With greed comes greed. When you do not waste, you reach the satiety or lack of all greed.

Adhere to do, only the things you really want, with your time.

Time is infinite, infinite and lost. When you start living outside the network, this becomes an effect of your lifestyle. The time you dedicate voluntarily and with attention will be in a handful of tasks, since you no longer have all the responsibilities and the monotony of being part of the gigantic world that is ours.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

With the lack of responsibilities to activate your daily routines, you gradually begin to avoid unnecessary waste of time. Along the way, you will begin to take care of yourself and be aware of your potential abilities. In this way, your days will be full of the things you really want. There will not be a stop to support that and you will live free. The time spent on real happiness is much sweeter than the elixir itself.

Communal anarchist life

This is a way of living of the network in a group like the group of real intellectual people of Ayn Rand in his book Atlas Shrugged. This communal taste of anarchy is sustained in a system of bartering with each other, where the community as a whole can sustain itself, and less effectively when it is an individual.

Here, the community cultivates its own energy, food, fuel and tissue to support the entire population. Nothing is bought externally and everything is acquired through an internal barter system that feeds its own interests or abilities. A communitarian anarchist life does not commit itself to the growth of its own fuel for sustenance, unlike a capitalist society, where everything is in disorder or chaos.

Do not make your life just the hunger games.

Today, many people tend to consider life as the surviving rant of a runt! Living is not equivalent to surviving. People take pride in claiming to be survivors, which is great. Although, when the same people begin to advocate that life has to do with survival and that also, at best, the message becomes negative or toxic. Life is about living.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

There is no competition in life. Oh you; there is the universe; Nature and everything around you. So, stop surviving so you can enjoy yourself starting to live!

Wake up with the sun and lie down when you put on.

That’s right. Learn to live without artificial light. A shocking factor for people who live outside the network is the difficulty of having their own electricity. Well, the best solution for this is, I do not want electricity. Do it with solar energy and sleep when it’s dark. In the windy twilight and dusk, you will find much in nature that will reassure you to sleep.

Who lives outside the network?

On the way to measuring the practicality of network life, one might ask who is really the one who lives outside the network. It is true that all you need is the glow of a slightly strong will to make you immerse yourself in living outside the network as well, but how many people do it anyway?

Based on a survey conducted two years ago, 1,700 million people worldwide live outside the network. Of which, 180,000 people are from the United States of America. Being out of the network refers to the refusal to participate in public services to be self-sufficient. So, who are these people anyway? Next, some people from all over the world who live in the network happily.

Josh * (name changed for privacy)

Josh is famous in the newspapers for his notorious breach of credit card loans. These days, many people have escaped with the disappearance in nature. It is not strange that for the last few years he has felt a strange reason to isolate himself from the boisterous noise of humanity and his city. Josh never paid his credit card loans, and opted to disappear in nature, out of the network. Its history has a great criminal flavor for the living, but it emphasizes the proof of the power of its anonymity or private firewall.

It is not difficult for someone to erase their identity and maintain a beautiful and happy life on their own, today. Josh has a cabin in the words where nobody comes. He has a few cabins on his land in the city where tourists come and go. Revenues are amortized to keep your caregiver happy and closed. Josh never visits the city. He confesses that he has never felt to visit him, once in his long life of two decades of being an outcast.

Island Community Lasqueti

The second most notable people who live outside the network are the 400 residents on the small island of Lasqueti. People live here, maintaining their lives, fishing, hunting, camping and living on their own. The island is not crowded and the residents live in peace and harmony with each other.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

This is not a communitarian anarchist society since each individual can sustain himself and does not depend on others. However, for heavy tasks or to live safely in nature, people help each other. The small island has many former villages that have become the peace and calm of living in nature, without any fuss. There are many families on the island, one of them famous for its label of San Bernardo breeder! The island is definitely a place to see if you are interested in the practical way of living outside the network, that too, on a larger scale.

How to live outside the network when you have no money

It is not as easy as it seems, living outside the network requires a lot of work and genius to succeed infinitely. Next, a combination list Of the needs, techniques and practices that you must know to start living outside the network.


The first and most important thing to verify when locating a plot to live outside the network is water. The availability of water in its own land gives the independence of municipal or governmental facilities from the basic requirements of human existence, water. Having a place where you have a pair of endless holes underground will serve as the best wells.

When it reduces its dependence on water use by the public, the livelihood is almost complete. It must be ensured that the plot has good water to drink, wash, bathe and clean during all seasons. Otherwise, you must locate a source that can provide water during summer or winter.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money


The next big thing about living off the grid is what energy or fuel you need to stay healthy and safe. The basic options for your ingenious energy product can be through water, wind or solar energy. Many of the avant-garde houses that are out of the network are equipped with luxury refrigerators and luxury blenders, everything works with its expensive and efficient solar energy. However, solar energy is also easy to do.

You can also create fuel as biogas. One can create enough energy without depending on the public or the government of today. By cutting off the dependence on energy, one becomes almost free. Investigate your options for the best wireless equipment in the market.

Apart from that, the golden rule to save on lighting is to have no light. Work during the day and sleep during the night.

Initial needs and investment.

The initial transformation of moving out of the network depends on your investments. If you have enough money to buy robust and strong equipment for your stay in nature, it will give you more limitations on your long road to peace.

Some things to invest are location, configurations, maintenance, construction, repair and installation, as well as raw material for each one. You should invest in strong portable beds, cabinets, and durable electronic products that can be multipurpose.

Waste is a crime and you always have to see multitudes of profits with each item in which you decide to invest. Make a list of everything you will need at the beginning so that you have a solid idea of ​​making the full transformation living on the resources you cultivate. To mature those tomatoes, it will surely take some time. So take the jump with confidence!

Garbage deposit

One of the best results of living outside the network is becoming one with nature. In the way of this lifestyle, you cultivate a way to preserve and conserve the nature that surrounds it. In every way, the lifestyle promotes Going Green or Being Environmental, on a global scale.

With you, starting to live outside the network where there are no lampposts or municipal dust containers just around the corner, you must use a good waste management and disposal system. Along with the construction of a septic tank and other drains for your bath, you should also build a good composting pit that will help you convert a part of the burn into fuel or energy.

If you have inadequate waste disposal, there are many chances of catching infectious diseases and disease very soon. Consistent and durable waste disposal is vital to your livelihood while you live off-grid.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

Seasonal needs

With each change in season, your own water demand and other needs change. When you start again, it is impossible to be Eveready for all the drastic changes in climate. Some essential seasonal needs include winter clothes, sunscreen lotions (ways to make your own), raincoats, umbrellas, mufflers, hats, boots and accessories that suit everyone. You should also check in detail the availability of water in your area during all seasons.

Changes in lifestyle

Another important practice that prepares you for this great feat is the willingness to accommodate and broaden your eyes about life. Your life will undergo strictly drastic and overwhelming changes. It has proven to be effective in all people. Therefore, prepare yourself to realize that your life will have many curves and curves on your route. When you live totally in nature, as part of it, the dimensions that are opened to you will be further away than any synthetic overdose buzz.

Activities to do

Make sure you have the accessories you need to enjoy and participate in the activities or hobbies that you like. Losing the chessboard is a sad thought after passing the Amazons. Then, you can make your own games, accessories and grids while you are in nature.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money

Communication needs

This is one of the strictly optional needs of, living outside the network. If you have a close or dear person, updated about your whereabouts, you should have a mailbox in your post office or a mailing address. Since living outside the network means being self-sustaining enough to be isolated from the world, this is truly optional.

Hospital and medical attention.

Another need to consider is your health. If you are a person who lives with a dozen tablets and regular health check-ups, the wild could be a wild option for you. If your passion is true, pack your medications and proceed to nature. In any case, you should have an idea about your nearest hospital, as well as your number.

Gardening and agriculture.

A vital part of living outside the network is learning the art of gardening and agriculture. Everything you call food, chicken, asparagus or poppy seeds, has to be, cultivated yourself, in your land. Then, while making the checklist for the right investments, try to get the best varieties of vegetable seeds, fruits and herbs you want to grow.

Agriculture is a natural talent that requires a lot of skill and hard work. The fools say that the work is in an office, because a farmer works harder and has a lot more fun than office goers. Agriculture is an experience that you learn from, gradually.


Another skill that will determine your efficiency to be healthy and happy is your measure of the culinary arts. If you can eat anything that does not bother you, you are in the right game. Many times, when you live outside the network, you face mixed results. You may have a party for months and then just be drought and hunger for a few days.

You must know how to cook your food of any plant or meat. You must be trained to cook healthy and nutritious foods without wasting any of the products of your farm.


In nature, it does not take long to realize the heavy burden of loneliness. Having something to keep you busy and work will make you sleep at night. But, to vent your emotional needs, you need something to communicate with.

A faithful dog, a turtle, or rather any choice of pet is an idea for this lifestyle. Therefore, the value of the pet is updated at the company level, almost instantly. In addition, the bond that grows between the pet and the owner, in this case, also tends to be quite strong.

How to Live Off The Grid: The Secrets of Living with No Money


Also, when you are tired of being in one place for too long, pack your bags and move again. Going around the places will help you find the ideal place for your stay. It also teaches you great knowledge and wisdom.

Exchanging your skills or participating in the barter system.

Doing only what you love is the best way to be happy with your life outside the network. One way to participate in a proper barter system is to offer your skills and talent to someone who can return something that benefits you. Be sure not to engage in monotony when participating in a barter system. The essence rests in sufficiency.

Be proud, independent and happy living as you want.

With the aforementioned, it is not very difficult to start living outside the network without money. If you have many of those wild abilities, you could end up with a good start, but your car will not last long. It is essential to know your options and use them to the fullest when you plan to live outside the network. There is no pause or shortcut. Is it all the way round or nothing?

So, are you ready to live outside the network without money?

Preparation basics

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