How to make a bird trap: options for making bird snares

Cage trap

How to make a bird trap from a bottle

Before you make a trap for birds from a plastic bottle, you need to determine the size of the future prey. To catch small birds, a half-liter bottle will do, and a larger one, such as partridges, needs to take a two-liter container. The principle of the trap is quite simple: the neck of the bottle is cut to its wide part, the cut part is buried in the ground, and feed is fed to the bottom as bait. The bird gets inside it and cannot get out, because the walls of the trap are slippery, and there is not enough space to open the wings.

Glue trap

A simple trap for small birds: it is necessary to feed the prey on any perch. When birds get used to the place, this branch or perch is coated with paste, boiled from starchy grain. The bird sticks to it with its paws, trying to take off. You can collect the “harvest.” However, this method is not suitable for use in winter and for catching large birds.

Waterfishing trap

The original way to hunt waterfowl without a gun is with a pumpkin. It is necessary to take a pumpkin of sufficient size to fit the head, gut it from the inside and put it on. Then you need to dive into the pond so that only the head in the pumpkin remains on the surface. In order for ducks or other waterfowl not to be intimidated, several more similar pumpkins can be thrown onto the surface of the water. When the duck swims close enough, it will have to be grabbed by the paws and dragged down. The method is not simple, because you can meet the resistant resistance of birds.

Waterfishing trapIn addition, there is a simpler way of catching waterfowl that live on the ground: you need strong ropes, from which you need to make self-loops. They are fixed in the open state on a long stick installed in a horizontal position above the ground.

other methods

Bird trapA rather ancient method of catching birds, used by Indians, is the following:

  1. In the open area, where flocks of birds often gather, a two-meter log, sharpened on both sides, is installed.
  2. Closer to the top of the log you need to drill a hole and insert a percussion about 20 cm long into it.
  3. In the same hole, thread a rope, to one end of which tie a stone. From the second end of the rope make a looping loop and leave to lie on the perch. On it you need to tie a knot so that it maintains its horizontal position.

The principle of the trap is as follows: the bird will not be able to sit on the pointed end of the log, but will sit on the perch, which its weight will shift. After that the rope knot will slip into the hole, tighten the loop under the weight of the stone, the bird will be caught.

In addition, you can use more modern methods:

  1. Catching birds on hooks. To do this, you need to take a few durable fishing hooks, having planted food on them – vegetable for ordinary species and animal for predators. After that, the hooks need to hang in the most crowded flocks. Having swallowed the hook, the bird cannot get rid of it. This method is most effective for prey in the winter, since there is little food for birds in the forest.
  2. You will need a knife, fishing line and thin long rods, from which you need to weave something like a platform. Twigs are tied together by a fishing line for structural strength. Next, you need to choose a place to install a trap, for example, nearby fresh crops or young sprouts. Here you need to dig a hole to such a depth that the bird could not get out of it, but less than the cover area of ​​the rods. To support the site you need to take three branches, make a notch with a knife. The first of them is inserted into the ground, the second clings with notches vertically in relation to the ground. A third is placed at an angle of 45 degrees as a support for the resulting cross-shaped structure. One of its ends should prop the lid of the rods. On the edge of the vertical crossbar, you need to put the bait, and when the bird takes it, it will touch the design and shut the lid.

To make it clearer, you need to look at how to make a bird trap in a video. Detailed instructions will help to clearly explain how to get birds for food or study.

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