How to make a bow with your own hands from wood, photo video

Hunting bow – the most affordable weapon that is not so difficult to make with your own hands. Its advantage in comparison with the purchase in cost, as well as the fact that it can be made “by itself”, taking into account individual features. The only thing that needs to be taken into account in the manufacture of bows for shooting with your own hands is compliance with the maximum tension force of the string established by law to a value of no more than 40 kg / s. You can learn more about how to make a hunting bow with your own hands.

How to make a bow with his own hands from woodContent

  • Hunting bow with his own hands: material
  • 2How to make a hunting bow with your own hands
    • 2.1Manufacturing bowstring
    • 2.2Manufacturing arrows
  • 3 compound bow

Hunting bow with his own hands: material

Before you make an onion with your own hands, you need to prepare the material. Wood for the manufacture of radiation weapons must have such characteristics as strength, flexibility, elasticity. The material for the workpiece must be straight, even, without knots, any damage. In principle, any tree can be used to make onions: birch, oak, apple, juniper, maple, hazel, ash, elm, yew or teak.

The branch for harvesting must be cut in the winter, at sub-zero temperatures so that the tree sap is preserved inside. The length of the workpiece should be the required length of the future onion, plus 30 cm for cracks during drying from each end, the occurrence of which is very likely. The bark from the sawed branch is not removed. Its ends are covered with oil paint to avoid the occurrence of internal wood defects when it dries, which should occur evenly.

After that, the workpiece is left to dry for up to five months in a vertical position at room temperature. At the same time, the ambient air should not be too dry, otherwise the workpiece is deformed.

How to make a hunting bow with your own hands

After making the initial blank, it is necessary to determine the natural bend of the bow from the tree. This is necessary in order to further be convenient to use weapons. To determine this bend, you need to press one end to the ground, holding the other end with your hand. The frame will turn its natural side.

Make a bow with your own handsFrom the round billet it is necessary to arrange the future hunting bow. The width of the frame of onions is usually 3 cm. It is better to cut the excess wood with a knife, at the same time checking for knots and other defects.

Since a simple bow consists of a solid frame, it is worth forming its bends during the treatment with a knife. With the help of a knife and planer its lateral and frontal parts are formed. The ratio of the width of the frame and the width of the shoulders should be 3/2. The size of the shoulders should be the same, so that they are not inferior in elasticity to each other. At this stage of work it is impossible to bend the bow to prevent its deformation.

Next you need to form a bow bend. For this, the water stripping method is used. In particular, the onions’ shoulders are steamed to give them the desired shape of the bend. To do this, the bow is fixed with special stocks (wooden bars) in the desired position of the shoulders, processed with hot water vapor. In such a fixed position, the weapon dries in about one week. After that, the stocks are removed, at the ends of the shoulders, places for a bowstring are cut down.

It should be noted that all this time the bark has not been removed from the bow. After steaming, it begins to flake off. It must be carefully removed without damaging the wood fibers. The remains of the bark are removed with sandpaper, and the surface is covered with grease, hot wax, varnish or paint.

There is another option how to bend the bow:

  • It is necessary to make a special board with cuts, which is mounted perpendicular to the center of the frame.
  • Both ends of the bow are connected by a thread.
  • The thread clings to one of the cuts on the bending board in accordance with the required radius.

Manipulations should be carried out slowly, because during a sharp bend the wood fibers can be damaged.


It is better to make a string of multi-layer rope. The bowstring for hunting should be durable, made from several strands of Kevlar, nylon, Dacron, fishing cord in reels, and other artificial yarns. Also fit a thin strip of rawhide 3 mm thick. The main thread requirement for a bowstring is strength, resistance to abrasion and stretching. It must be shorter than the size between the shoulders of the bow in order to be constantly in a taut position. At first it is fastened in one notch of the shoulder, tightened in a knot to the bow, then stretched to the second end and tightened there. Properly stretched string should be at a distance of 15 cm from the middle of the frame of a hunting bow.

Making arrows

Arrows should be of such length that it is proportional to the length of the bow and the maximum tension of the string. In practice, this means that when the bowstring is taut, the arrowhead must protrude a few centimeters beyond the frame of the weapon. The diameter of the arrow should be approximately 6mm, the shaft should be perfectly flat. The material for making arrows is spruce, pine, birch — small game and bird for hunting, as well as ash, hornbeam, oak, and other heavy and dense breeds for hunting predatory animals. You can chop them from logs, use boards, beadings, wooden square slats. Then they need to shape the cylinders, sand them so that the surface is smooth. The smoother the surface of the arrow, the more accurate its flight will be. In the end part you need to make a small slot under the string in accordance with its diameter.

The shape of the arrowhead is made depending on the type of production. If hunting is meant for a bird, the tip becomes pointed. If you plan to hunt for larger game, the tip is made of stone or metal of a triangular shape.

For the boom also need to do the plumage. The simplest is from bird feathers, but it can be made from other materials – plastic, paper, etc.

Compound bow

Bow with your own handsHunting bow can have a composite design, i.e. consist of two or three parts. For such a blank, it is easier to find the material than for a simple one. As a rule, the composite structure consists of a central frame to which two arms (“horns”) are attached, which end with anchorages for a bowstring. For normal shooting, they are made the same size, and for shooting from the knee, the lower shoulder should be made shorter than the upper one.

For the manufacture of shoulders onions composite design should choose cherry, growing near the reservoir. Billets are cleaned of bark, dried in a dark place, even better in the open air. After cutting out the main parts, the blank can be dried in the sun.

Components are glued to each other, in field conditions this can be done with fish glue (made from crushed fish bones). The skeleton is soaked with resin and grease, and the joints with the shoulders are tightened with animal tendons (you can use a fishing line, a strong rope), and once again soaked with grease. When all parts are glued together in a single design, the onion is processed with a sharp knife. To give even greater strength and strength of the onion surface is pasted over boiled bark, glued with fibers along.

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