How to make a caches or stash in the woods with their own hands

The concept of “caches” is used in two ways: a place for shelter and a cache, within which hiding reserves of long-term survival, or autonomous existence. In the first case, the caches are done in order to be able to hide in the forest in case of a state of emergency, for example, military actions, and it is more or less comfortable to wait out some time. In the second case, the cache is a nychka in the forest with food for long-term storage and objects for survival in the wild. How to make a caches in the woods, you can learn further.

  • Stash in the forest
  • 2How to choose the right place for the cache
  • 3What to put inside the cache
  • 4How to make caches in the forest

Stash in the forest

Suitable barrel for making a cacheBefore you make a cache, you need to determine its purpose. Depending on this, it may be sufficient to use a 10-liter plastic can or it may be necessary to dig a significant cache in the ground.

The process of laying a cache is as follows:

  1. Digging deepened according to the size of the caches. Along the perimeter of the pit, another recess needs to be made, which will serve as a holder for the lid of the cache.
  2. The cover is made of wooden lags or thick boards.
  3. At the bottom of the pit are placed products placed inside plastic containers, clothing and other items packed in polyethylene to avoid getting wet.
  4. Above the hiding place is covered with lags, which are tied together with a strong rope. Polyethylene is laid on them to protect the boards from rotting and water penetration inside the cache.

Crest is filled with turf and foliage. When the snow falls, it will disguise the slightest traces, indicating the presence of a cache.

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