How to make a camping bathhouse on the basis of a tent or tent, a common device, how to steam in an impromptu camping bathhouse.

Everybody spends summer differently. Some are in comfortable boarding houses, some are on the road with a backpack on their backs. What do we remember, breathing in plenty of smells of steppe and forest grasses, being plenty along abandoned paths and beaten roads? True, about hot water, about the possibility of at least half an hour to soak in a warm bath, and even better – in a bath. Having equipped an impromptu camping bathhouse based on a tent or tent, you refresh your body and calm your soul.

How to make a camping bathhouse based on a tent or awning, a general device, how to steam in an impromptu camping bathhouse.

All those who are away from home for a long time – geologists, experienced tourists, hunters – know how sometimes a well-heated steam room is lacking. They know how to make an impromptu camping bath right in a forest glade. Modern travelers have adopted this experience from the northern peoples living in the taiga or tundra.

They arranged a taiga bath in a cone-shaped plague constructed of reindeer skins. In its upper part was a hole for smoke. In the center of the plague, a fire was made, heating stones on it. Water splashed on the hot stones, causing puffs of steam to rise. That’s the whole camping bath.

If the construction of a real bathhouse is still not enough for you, try to arrange a small camping temporary bathhouse in the summer. Our camping bathhouse differs from the taiga one in that instead of the plague it uses the most ordinary tent without a bottom, a large tent or a piece of dense polyethylene of sufficient size. For those who have never set such a camping bath before, we will describe everything in order.

How to equip a camping bathhouse based on a tent or tent.

First you need to choose a suitable place. If the terrain is mountainous, look for a fairly large flat area. In the forest you will have to look for a clearing overgrown with thick grass. The main thing is that there are no extra trees on the site.

Of course, it is best to choose a place for a bath on the banks of a river or lake. Firstly, it will be possible immediately after the steam bath to plunge into the cool water. Secondly, river or lake water is the softest, in any case, much milder than well water. It is this kind of water that has the most beneficial effect on both skin and hair..

How to make a camping bathhouse on the basis of a tent or tent, a common device, how to steam in an impromptu camping bathhouse.

A fire is made in the center of the found area, after driving in tent stakes. Stakes can be either wooden or metal. The metal frame is stronger and more reliable. At the same time, stones are being prepared for the steam room. Large river or lake pebbles are best suited for this purpose..

Firewood needs to be prepared in advance, and more. After all, the stones do not warm up very quickly, at least five to six hours. That is, if you start to prepare a camping bathhouse in the morning, it will be ready for dinner. By this time, the stones in the fire will be white-hot. We need such heat. About an hour before taking a steam room, you need to warm the water.

Then they do so. Gently remove ash and excess coals from the fire, leaving only red-hot stones. On the grass lay foliage of trees – birch, oak, linden. It’s even better to cover the improvised shelves with spruce paws from below, then the aroma of coniferous forest will float in the steam room. Now is the time to pull a tent, a large tent or a suitable piece of polyethylene onto the stakes.

How to bathe in a camping bath.

After about 20-30 minutes, the steam bath will be ready. You can take a steam bath. Water is poured on hot stones from time to time, but a little, otherwise it is possible to waterlog the air. And, of course, you need to bathe with a freshly prepared broom. And in the forest, and in the steppe, there is plenty of material for a biting broom.

If you forgot to grab the soap, it doesn’t matter either. You can use soapy plants. The ancient Slavs knew quite a lot of soapy herbs and roots. One will be enough from us. It is called – soap dish, or soap root. This widespread plant will completely replace modern soap. Just make sure that it does not get into the eyes and abrasions.

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