How to make a carburetor burner?

Often in a camping trip, on a foot or on wheels, on a tent, on a trip It is easy to find a person. It will make it possible to help it out.

The carburetor is used.

  • If you are a woman, you will need to be condensed milk (photo 1).
  • Using two mandrels at 90 ° (photo 2).
  • The diameter of the tube can be reduced by 0.3 mm in diameter (photo 3).
  • It is a strong soldering iron (photo 4).
  • Mark holes in increments of about 10-12 mm (photo 5).
  • Can you say about 25-30 mm (photo 6).
  • For example, POS-30 (photo 7).
  • 3-4 mm should go 3-4 mm. Be sure to seal the seam from the inside (photo 8).

It can be used as an anti-overflow device.

  • The body of the old carburetor needs to be cleaned. Throttle body can be removed. Disconnect the body through them (photo 9).
  • It can be a challenge. (Photo 10).
  • It can be used to place the gas stove. Pieces of solder chop the bottom of the jar. After the solder melts, evenly covering the bottom of the jar, turn off the flame. When it’s down, it will fix the tube in the can (photo 11).
  • It is where it is a furnace (photo 12).
  • Of the block of throttle valves into it. When the system is assembled (photo 13).
  • It is not necessary. You need to remove the grate. Bottom of the hole with the diameter of the tube. When it is installed in a furnace, it has been installed inside the furnace (photo 14).
  • You need to connect the carburetor (photo 15).
  • It is necessary to make sure that it is 5-7 mm (photo 16).
  • It is a gas line that has a gas tank and a tube that can be plugged in. (Photo 17).

How to make a carburetor burner?

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