How to make a delicious camp cake: the best recipes

Often, a planned trip falls on holidays or birthdays. In order not to suffer with the packaging and preservation of the shop cake on the campaign, we suggest making it from simple ingredients directly in the field conditions. Consider the delicious recipes for hiking cakes, which are prepared without baking and do not require much time and effort.

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Carried away by hiking, it is easy to cook a delicious Anthill cake. This will require:

  • Any sugar, lingering or biscuit cookies. Cookies in the recipe can easily be supplemented or completely replaced with a ready-made cereal breakfast made in the form of balls or ringlets. The total weight of the dry base should be 500 g;
  • Crushed roasted walnuts or peanuts, about 150-200 g .;
  • Condensed milk. Boiled condensed milk can be used. It will need about 400-500 g .;
  • Butter – 200 g

Marching cakeTo cook this recipe under field conditions, in a small bowl with a fork or a whisk, beat the softened butter with condensed milk to a state of homogeneity. When using cookies, it is necessary to pre-break it into small pieces.

In the cream of condensed milk poured nuts and a base of biscuits or a dry breakfast. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed. After the mass is laid out on a suitable plate and a hill is formed from it in the form of an anthill. Ready cake is desirable to stand in a cool place for 3-4 hours.

If desired, in addition to or instead of nuts, chopped kozinaki can be added to the cream in the cooking process.

Sour cream

To make this cake in field conditions, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Thick sour cream with a fat content of more than 20% – 800 g;
  • Icing sugar – 150 g;
  • Gingerbread – 600 g;
  • Coconut flakes 150 g;
  • Medium sized bananas – 3 pcs.

Cooking process:

  1. Pour sour cream in a bowl and mix it with powdered sugar. You should not mix the ingredients too much. It is enough to evenly distribute the powder in sour cream.
  2. Gingerbread cut lengthwise into pieces with a thickness of 1-1.5 cm.
  3. Peel bananas and cut lengthwise into circles about 1 cm thick.
  4. In a wide deep bowl to put the plastic wrap, be sure to leave allowances at the edges.
  5. At the bottom of the dish in the center a little sour cream is laid out and smeared over the surface of the bowl.
  6. A layer of gingerbread is laid on the bottom smeared with sour cream.
  7. Top layer is covered with sour cream, which laid out bananas.
  8. Gingerbread is laid out on top of the fruit, and so on until the ingredients run out.

Every 2 layers of gingerbread, coconut chips are poured on top of sour cream and bananas. The last layer of gingerbread sour cream is not smeared, but immediately covered with cling film.

A cake prepared according to this recipe under field conditions should be left for 2-3 hours to soak in the shade, cool as much as possible. After this time, the upper Lenka is removed and a plate is placed on the bowl. Holding the dishes tightly, the bowl with a plate must be sharply turned over. As a result, the first laid out layer of dessert becomes the top of the cake. Bowl and cling film gently removed.

To decorate the dessert after cooking, you can use chocolate, which is recommended to rub on top. Also on top of the dessert is sprinkled with the remnants of coconut chips.


It is easy and without baking to prepare a tourist cake of biscuits, condensed milk and dried fruits, called marching. For its production are used crumbs and broken pieces from cookies. They, in the amount of 4-5 mugs, need to be filled with 1 can of condensed milk, lightly salt and knead thoroughly.

For the cream will need to mix 3 tbsp. sugar or powdered sugar, with powdered milk. In the dry mixture, add 100-150 g of softened butter or margarine, and knead well, too. The cream is brought to a slightly liquid state by adding a small amount of water.

Marching cakeOn a suitable plate evenly laid out the base of the crumbs of cookies. On top of this mass is covered with cream. On top of the cream laid out any dried fruits and nuts, which are pre-steamed in hot water for 10-15 minutes. Top ready cake can be sprinkled with grated chocolate or chopped halvah. Before serving, dessert must be steeped in the cool about 1 hour.


Before cooking, prepare broken cookies or gingerbread and bread crumbs. Pour sunflower oil into a frying pan and heat it. Pour dry ingredients into the pan and fry lightly, mixing thoroughly until crispy. After a dry basis pour in a bowl and let cool.

As a cream, add sour cream with sugar or condensed milk to the rusk mixture. Knead the sugar mixture with cream and compress. In the kneading process, you can add coconut chips, fresh berries and dried fruits. Decorate with any berries and fruits.


Before you make this cake in the conditions of the campaign will have to fry pancakes. For their preparation will require the following ingredients:

  • Flour, ordinary or special pancake, 3 glasses;
  • Milk of any fat content 4 cups;
  • Egg powder – 1 tsp;
  • Sugar – from 1 tbsp. L .;
  • Salt -? tsp

Marching cakeEgg powder, sugar and salt are poured into a bowl, and then 1 cup of milk is added. The ingredients are mixed, after which they add all the necessary flour. The dough is kneaded to a smooth smooth consistency, after which 3 more cups of milk are added to it. After the dough should be thoroughly mixed until its consistency in thickness does not look like sour cream.

In the process of kneading dough for pancakes, a medium-sized frying pan is heated on the fire. It is recommended to sprinkle it slightly with sunflower oil.

The finished dough is poured in small portions into the pan and distributed over its entire surface. Pancakes are fried on both sides and laid out on a plate at each other. The layer between pancakes can be condensed milk, jam, nut paste. Sweet layers can be alternated with sour cream.

After the cake is smeared, it must be allowed to cool and soak in a dark cool place for 1.5-2 hours.

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