How to make a Finnish candle for cooking food – photo.

Fans of outdoor activities, as well as hunters and fishermen know how important it is to properly make a fire, not only to warm up, but also to prepare hiking food on it. This is especially important in the winter or in the slush when you constantly need to put firewood and make sure that the fire does not go out. For a long time to give heat and light, as well as to ensure fire safety in nature, will allow the Finnish candle, the other names of which are taiga, Swedish, Indian. This design of the fire is easy to move without fear of burns, and it can burn all night. How to make a Finnish candle, will be detailed below.

Finnish candle do it yourselfThus, the fire is concentrated inside the structure, giving off heat for fast cooking. For cooking, it is better to cut logs into four parts, not eight. If there is such an opportunity, it is better to put a fire on stones or small trees so that there is a gap for air from below. Otherwise, you can cut a small air duct from the bottom of the logs. It should be borne in mind that the hearth concentrated in the upper part of the logs will burn for a long time, but not too intensively, and when ignited from below, the fire will be stronger, but the candle will burn faster.

In addition to heating and cooking, this bonfire is often used as a signal beacon on the beach.

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