How to make a fire in the winter without matches – how to make a fire in the forest

In winter, in the snowy forest is incredibly beautiful. Many modern people, however, know this only from pictures, photographs and films, but there are also those who are happy to go on a hike in winter and not only for a few hours, but also with an overnight stay, or even for a few days. Preparing for this kind of tourism is very important and it should include training on how to make a fire in the winter. It is better, of course, to do this in practice, but it is also necessary to know the theory.

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  • 2How to make a fire in winter
  • 3How to make a fire without matches
    • 3.1Three secrets of caring for the fire

Choosing the right place

Choosing a place for a fire in winterStopping on a halt or overnight in the winter forest, it is necessary not only to set up a tent, but also to make a fire. After a difficult and long transition, you may not feel cold, but remaining in place in relative immobility, without a fire will not only be uncomfortable, but also frosty. If you go hiking trails, it is best to stop where there is an old bonfire. But if you are laying a new route, or the recent heavy snowfall has hidden all traces of a person’s stay in the winter forest, you will have to prepare a place for a bonfire yourself.

Fire, neither in winter nor in summer, can one be kindled near trees, especially conifers. The branches hanging over the fire can easily ignite, or the snow lying on them will melt, fall down and cover your fire. It is also better to put tents 5 meters from the fire, in order to avoid sparks.

After the place is chosen, it should be cleared of snow, preferably to the ground. If this is not possible, then under the future bonfire you can put thick branches or a metal grid specially taken with you. It is not very large in size, convenient for carrying, and the fire with this device can be maintained even in a meter snowdrift.

How to make a fire in winter

Bonfire in winterAfter a place has been chosen and prepared, the sequence of actions is exactly the same as at any other time of the year. In order to make a fire you need to collect dry firewood and material for kindling. In this quality, bark bark, small dry twigs or paper picked up from home will be perfect. The centering material is laid in the center, and ignited with matches or a lighter. As the fire progresses, more and more thick branches are enclosed. Fifteen minutes later, if everything is done correctly, in the winter forest the flame will dance merrily, warming and making the clearing more comfortable.

How to make a fire without matches

It is unlikely that you will go to the winter forest, specifically pursuing the goal to kindle a fire without matches. But it may happen that, by chance or for some other reason, alternative sources of fire must be sought. And there are several ways to achieve this:

  • Chemical. This method is well known to experienced tourists and they always have all the necessary components in a backpack. To do this, you need a certain amount of potassium permanganate in a powdered state and a few drops of glycerin. Manganese is poured on the prepared place (1 gram is enough) and glycerin is dripped onto it. It is important to remove your hands in time, because the reaction is almost instantaneous, and immediately begin to enclose the material for kindling.
  • Optic. To apply this method you need to stop on a halt in advance. Indeed, after sunset or in cloudy weather, this will become impossible, because it is the sun that will be the main component here to light a fire. The sunbeam is focused using a lens, which can be used as glasses, glass, and even a piece of transparent ice, and is directed to pre-prepared kindling material.
  • Geological. For this you need a stone and a knife. When you hit the stone with a knife, you can get a spark that will set fire to the tinder.
  • Mechanical. The one that people used since they managed to understand what fire is, what benefits it can bring and how to make it fire. The truth is that a tired winter tourist will have a hard time spending a lot of energy to light a fire in this way, so it’s best to think a little and use a different, less physically expensive method.

With the question of how to make a fire in the winter in the forest, we figured out. It’s time to share some secrets.

Three secrets of caring for the fire

To make and maintain a fire, at first glance it is not a tricky thing. Throw dry branches on time and it will burn as long as necessary. All this is true, but there are a few nuances:

  • For kindling a campfire it is better to use the branches of coniferous trees – they light up faster. But when the fire broke out it was better to switch to deciduous trees. They burn hotter and burn more slowly.
  • Not every time when weakening the flame should put a new batch of firewood. Sometimes it is enough just to move the coals and just blow on them so that the fire can gain strength.
  • In some cases, the fire needs to be protected from strong gusts of wind or rain by installing improvised awnings. The second purpose of such facilities is drying clothes.

Observing these simple rules, you can turn an overnight stay in a winter forest from impatient waiting for dawn into a pleasant and rewarding pastime, which will allow you to have a good rest for your next trip and recharge your batteries with the energy of nature and the vital force of fire.
And if you still cook a delicious, dense and high-calorie dinner, then the dream will be sweet and calm.

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