How to make a hunting knife do it yourself – hunting knife, video

How to make a knife for huntingTo make a knife for hunting with your own hands of steel, you need to follow the manual:

  1. The first stage is the making of a sketch of a future gun.
  2. The second stage is forging. A furnace or hearth is ignited, the steel is heated to a certain temperature. First, the shank is made out so that it is more convenient to hold the workpiece. Next, the shape of the tip is formed. Blade should be forged according to the planned sketch, without changing the thickness of the steel.
  3. The manufacture of the handle. It can be typesetting and whole. If the kit, the material for the handle is measured in accordance with the shank, both parts of the handle are attached to it and glued. If the handle is solid, a hole is made in it, then it is placed on the glue on the shank. After that, it should be carefully polished for convenience. For the manufacture of the handle is best to use fiberglass impregnated with epoxy resin or textolite. They are lightweight and durable, unlike wood, which can be damaged by falling, or metal, which can freeze when the temperature drops and has a heavy weight.

File Knife

How to make a knife for hunting from a regular file? For this you will need:

  1. File
  2. Vice
  3. Jigsaw or scissors for metal
  4. Hammer
  5. Drill with a metal drill
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Handle material (wood, leather, textolite piece).

First of all, it is necessary to harden the steel. Ideally, a home-made stove is suitable for this, into the furnace of which you need to drop the file so that it will heat up there for 4-6 hours and then it will cool down there. The blank for the future knife is made, the shape of the file is cut out from it. With the help of sandpaper, the shape of the knife is processed, its rough grinding is performed. On wooden plates, which will be a handle, holes are made for fastening to the knife by riveting. Pre-lining need to grease with epoxy. The shape of the handle can be given with a jigsaw. After that, polishing and polishing the knife with sandpaper, and the final sharpening: first on the grinding machine, and then again sandpaper. You can polish your resulting blade with felt or polish.

DIY wooden knives

DIY wooden knivesWood can be used as a cutting tool, especially in field conditions. To make a wooden knife with your own hands, you need to apply chips and chip off coniferous branches, which have a sharp cutting edge or other solid and high-quality wood. The process of making a knife made of wood with your own hands is simpler than steel: you need to prepare your favorite sketch on paper, which is transferred to a wooden canvas. Wooden knives are usually made monolithic. After that, the desired shape is given to the handle and the blade with a chisel, file, and the blade is sharpened. The finished product is varnished or fired on the fire.

Another option, how to make a wooden knife – making of plywood of medium thickness. Similar to the above works, the sketch is first made. Then you need to prepare the three components of the blade: the blade and the two parts of the handle, consisting of a round holder and a support plate. The blade is sharpened, and the handle is processed with a file and sandpaper to remove any irregularities.

Stone knife do it yourself

The material for the manufacture of a knife blade can be flat rocks, such as slate, flint, obsidian, quartz. Layered mineral rocks may well replace steel with their sharp cutting edge. For the manufacture of tools need a stone larger than the original product and a half times, without cracks and defects. It needs to be split at an angle of up to 90 degrees so that a flat surface is obtained. After reaching the desired flat shape, you can handle the handle, wrapped in scrap materials or wrapped in wood. At home, the stone is processed with a hammer. The stone is placed on a flat hard surface covered with felt. Thus, it will not vibrate from the blows and shift. The final formation of the blade can be done with pliers, chipping off piece by piece from its edge. The handle must be attached using epoxy resin, which can be wrapped on top with strips of leather or fabric. The stone knife is not afraid of corrosion, is very sharp and does not require sharpening, but a fall from a height can cause it to split.

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