How to make a hydrogen candle from scrap materials

We all know that it’s a very efficient fuel. There are many types of patterns specifically for him. But does it have less extensive use? Yes, it is, in which it would not have to strain? Yes there is. For example, the simplest hydrogen candle.

What is actually the case. Hydrogen explodes under high temperatures. It is not clear and it is not lost. It is this principle and is based hydrogen candle. – and hydrogen will explode. The blast of the skin. So you need to work very carefully.

We will need:

  • Glass jar with lid
  • Means for cleaning pipes “Mole”
  • Metal tube
  • Foil
  • Water

We will conduct the chemical reaction of the alkali and aluminum in the aquatic environment. In terms of formulas:

2Al + 2NaOH + 10H2O —gt; 2Na [Al (H2O) 2 (OH) 4] + 3H2

The hydrochloric acid is the hydrochloric acid. How does it look in practice.

We put the “Mole” in the glass. He doesn’t need to be cleaned up. Here you go. Next, take them out, tear them into pieces and crumple them up. There is a chance that it will not work. controlled). Actually, everything.

Hydrogen will not be released. But it is quite a long time. Yes, it is not too bright. Yes, to read in this light will not work. It is not difficult to blow it out. But work hydrogen candle will be very long, much more than ordinary candles. Yes, heat it something very real. Plus, when the reaction stops, you need to add water or foil.

And a few more safety tips. There will be a small explosion. There is no need for any kind of seal. Work on creation hydrogen candles it is better to wear protective gloves.

Making fire

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