How to make a loop on a hare – making making a snare on a hare

making loops on a hareThe trap is located only on the fresh hare trail, i.e. you need to make sure that the animal has passed through it more than once. If there has been no snow for a long time, then there is no certainty that the traces are fresh. During the installation of the trap is better to ski, so as not to leave traces.

When installed in a snare, a small bend is made, in which the wire ring is locked, making sure that it does not self-tighten.

Traps are set for 1-2 days. As a rule, this time is enough for catching 1-2 birds with one stone, but not enough for predators to find them faster. Do not install snares in places where they are hunters in order to avoid getting there dogs.

How to make a snare on the hare in the form of a grid

In addition to the loop, the hare can be caught on the net, which is knitted from a nylon thread with diamond-shaped cells measuring 66 mm (autumn) and 77 mm (in winter). Its height should be 1.2-1.3 m, width – 30 or 50 meters. The net should be attached to the pegs or trees with a nylon cord so that it falls on the animal when it gets into it. In this case, the hare is carried out rut. You can make a path using a net: a rectangular grid 1.0–1.2 meters high is fixed on the pegs from below, and on top, with the help of ringlets and a cord, stretched in the same way as described above. At the same time, when the animal hits the net, the thin branches on which the rings are fixed break, catching a hare.

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