How to Make a Paracord Lanyard: Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard: Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

When you go camping or hiking, it is very common to keep all your stuff in your backpack. But what happens if there are elements to which you must have immediate access? Then it becomes difficult to always stop the trekking, remove the backpack and look for it in the element. Use it for a while and return it. And then this is repeated again and again. Lose valuable time and energy for these repetitive movements instead of going ahead and using your item (GPS, compass, etc.) immediately, if it is tied to your belt, placed around your neck, etc.

That’s why having a paracord cord these days brings a lot of interest and popularity among survivors and hikers. At first it may seem difficult and complicated to make your own safety rope, but it does not have to be that way, as long as you follow the instructions.

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard: Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

In this article, we will guide you through the process of making your own paracord cord.

Paracord Cord Necklace Instructions

To make a paracord cord you will need several elements and tools to help you:

  • carabiner (alternatively, safety hook)
  • paracord 550
  • lighter (or some safe source of fire) to seal the ends of the paracord (where you will cut them)
  • Knife or scissors to cut the paracord.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Take two paracord lines. Choose them to be of contrasting colors, so that when you tie them, it will be easy to follow what the ending is. For the purpose of these instructions we will use a black and orange paracord.
  2. Use the lighter and melt each end of the two paracords. While they are still hot and have melted, glue them together (so that it ends up having a longer wire). Keep them until the paracord material has cooled and you can no longer separate the two wires.
  3. Take the safety hook or carabiner and, with the attached end of the cable, fold it in two, place it through the carabiner / snap hook and thread it through itself.
  4. Next, visually separate the two cables (black and orange). Let’s start with the black one. Make a loop, to prepare it to thread it through the orange cord. Next, place the orange wire through the loop. Do not squeeze it yet. Let it be loose.
  5. When the orange wire passes through the black loop, take the orange wire and screw it once more through the black wire, forming a mirror loop. Then, pass the black wire through the new orange loop. Remember the steps and the order of the laces (which were on top of which). The process is like placing the shoelaces through the shoe holes: there is the freedom to choose which side should be above or below the other, but you must remember this order, so the knots are always consistent and harmonious.
  6. Squeeze the knot lightly, to see if it’s okay. Otherwise, you should still pass one more orange cord through the black loop and, in doing so, the orange cord will create another loop, hold a black cord in it. As you squeeze, you will have two orange cords in a black loop. If you turn the paracord at that moment, you will see that the back must have two black laces tied in an orange loop (the colors change according to the side, but the basic tie is the same on both sides).
  7. Squeeze the new knot lightly. Once again, you have to pull a new cable. Take the black wire and pull it through the last orange loop, and pass the black wire through the black loop. Now you can flip the paracord knot as you did before and do the same thing: take an orange wire and pass the last black loop, and keep a black wire through the new orange circuit. Squeeze lightly and flip again, and tie the black cord through the orange loop, and so on. You must repeat this process until you have reached the desired length of the paracord.
  8. Use the lighter again to seal the end that sticks to the entire braid. The remaining cable (either the black or orange part) will remain for your neck. It should be wide enough to be placed on your neck. Before starting to make your paracord cord, you can mark the wires where you should stop making knots. This is to make sure you have not over-tightened the neck area.

Make a paracord cord using the cobra knot.

Here is another version of the previous method, slightly altered. You will need two 550 paracords (different colors) – 2 feet long; A lighter, knife or scissors in case you need to cut an edge, a keychain / clip and a release.

Tie each paracord to the key ring so that it is 1/3 of the length with which you can make the real paracord knot (also called a diamond knot). When you make the first tie, it must be the same as when you make the first of your shoes, nothing special, just a normal tie.

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard: Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

Then make a loop similar to the previous one, but this time it should start and look like the letter C. Do the same with the other wire and make the mirror image of C. Pass each wire through the opposite hole and tighten the knot.

Repeat this step but start with the opposite end, and make a mirror image of C. Repeat this with the other cable and make the image C. Pass the wires through and tighten. Keep doing this process and remember to always start each knot with the same cable, which you used to start the first paracord knot. If you chose the orange cord, always make each new knot with the orange. It will change from left to right every time you complete the knot, but do not worry. That’s the idea.

When you have reached the end of the paracord, you can cut them or, if it did not last long from the beginning, it is time to use the lighter and melt the edges so that the knot remains tight (and in no case will it loosen or loosen).

When the knot part is ready, take the other two edges and use the release to keep them together. Again you can use the lighter to melt the edges together to keep it even stronger. Add the launch and you’re done. Always measure the paracord around your neck before ending the fusion.

Here is a YouTube video that shows the exact process of the previous steps:

In this video you can see a version with a basic paracord linked to the beginning and a second paracord (joined), used for the knot.

How to make a paracord rope belt.

Knowing how to tie the knots of a diamond and a cobra is already an advance, but there are other methods to make ropes of security with multiple purposes. Here is how to make a belt with knots.

Before starting, you should consider the size of your waist. On average, if your waistline is approximately 32 and # 8243; then you will need approximately 50 feet for the 550 paracord. Prepare a pair of scissors or a knife, a cigarette lighter and a belt buckle.

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard: Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

Melt the edges slightly, so they can not be undone. Take the belt buckle and pass one of the edges of the cord through it. Wind the cable 4 times around the opening of the belt and place the cables so that they are parallel to each other (without overlapping). Tie a knot in the end of the cable so that it does not move and get stuck in the belt buckle. The rest of the cable length is what it will work with.

Now take the loose cord with which you will work, make a loop with the length of the fingers and tie through the 4 cords of the belt buckle. It will look like a small rope. Make sure that the continuous end of the cable (in the rope) is just at the top of the other end. Therefore, when you tie the knots, you will always pull freely on the loose loose end of the cable.

Next, separate a little 2 of the 4 wires attached to the buckle, those two right next to the new loop you just made. Now you can see the cable below the 4 loops. Take a pencil or a skewer and pull the free cable from the rope (the one we determine is on top of the other, as explained in the previous paragraph). Pull the cord so that it looks like a finger and has a length similar to that of the first loop. Now you have a second rope.

Repeat this process with the remaining 3 loops of the belt buckle. In the end, you should have something that looks like a 4-finger hand.

With this configuration, you can put your index finger through the 4 new loops (in the form of a finger). That way you fix it better. Now basically you have to repeat the beginning: pass a rope through these 4 loops and tighten them slightly so that they do not loosen and make it difficult for you to continue.

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard: Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

When threaded the new rope, to tighten can start from left to right; pull the last but one and # 8216; finger ‘from the back – will tighten the first (left to right) and # 8216 very well; finger ‘lasso. If you pull the third, you will press the second and so on. When I pull the last one and # 8216; finger loop, it will look like a mirror image on its second rope. Pull a little more of the cord so that the second rope is larger. To solve this problem, simply pull the bottom of the second rope (remember, the previous part is the one that pulls when you tie the belt, and is the rest of your paracord).

As you pull on the bottom of the rope, you will press the last and the # 8216; Finger loop and you’ll be ready and ready to repeat the whole process: you need loops again and # 8216; finger. Tighten them again and make a new rope, and so on. You have to be patient with this, as it takes some time.

When you reach the end of the belt, you will end up with the last 4 and # 8216; finger loops. Pass them through the other part of the belt bucket. You should still have the free paracord unleashed. It should not go through the belt bucket. Take it, and make another rope. Pass the loop through the 4 and # 8216; loops of the fingers, pull the belt you tied to tighten the new loop to the belt bucket.

Thread the free end of the paracord through this last loop and tighten it further. Now you are ready to cut the free wire 2-3 inches from where the last rope is tight. Use the lighter to melt and burn the cut edge. You can cut it even closer to the belt if you think it will not be untied. Another option is to simply make a small knot at the end, to make it safer. You have finished

Here is a detailed video on how to proceed with the bundle.

How to make a paracord cord bracelet

These instructions use the method y # 8216; genoese unique ‘to tie the knots. It is not difficult and creates a nice pattern.

You will need the same tools that are described in the previous tutorials: paracords (different colors), bracelet buckle, lighter (or matches), optionally knives or scissors. Take the two paracords, melt the edges and join them (as described above). Pass them by one end of the bracelet buckle and tighten them.

Next, pass the other buckle through the loose ends of the paracords. Correct the length of the paracord between the two ends of the buckle (depending on the thickness of your wrist). You are ready to knead the bracelet.

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard: Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

Separate the two ends (one will be black and the other orange). You must place the bracelet so that the two edges that come through the adjustable buckle are facing you (and are not face down on the table).

Take the orange end (say, which is the correct cord) and start by making a loop through the bracelet and from behind. Then it goes through itself. Pull it and tighten this first knot. Make the same knot with the black cord. Repeat this process with the rest of the cables.

When you reach the end of the bracelet, you will have to complete the braid with the diamond knot, which is explained in the first tutorial: make two loops and pass the opposite end through the opposite loop to tighten the entire cord. When doing this, make another rope with the black cord: the rope to be on your right. Take the orange cord and place it on the black on the left side. Then move it backwards and then to the right through the black rope. Press once more.

For more detailed instructions, you can watch this video on youtube.

Now cut each string and melt the edges to prevent fraying.

How to make a paracord cord bracelet without a buckle.

Another way to make a bracelet can be done without a bracelet buckle and can be done completely using the two interwoven paracord. One end of the braided bracelet will have a loop / tie and the other will be a double knot to pull through the loop and join it as a bracelet. You need two cords of different colors, lighter or matches and a knife or scissors.

How to Make a Paracord Lanyard: Step-by-Step Instructions with Photos

Start by making a small loop right in the center of the black cord. Cross the two ends of the rope and pull the loop of the orange rope. The black tie will be the one through which, in the end, you will pull the final knot and make the bracelet.

Squeeze the orange cord and have both ends side by side. The black ends should be at the left end and at the far right. Take the left orange end and place it on the other orange end. Put it back and then return to its original place, forming a complete circle around itself.

Then take the right black end, place it behind and then right between the two orange ends. To tight. Again, take the left orange end, rotate it completely from behind and back off your starting place. Repeat the same process for the left black end: full rotation and return to the original place. Continue weaving until you have almost reached the end.

Now take the orange right and left black laces. Pull them opposite each other (one hand should hold the two orange wires and the other – the two black wires). Turn and pull an orange and a black towards the opposite ends so you have mixed cords in each hand. Turn twice more in the same way.

Finally you must tie the double knots. Turn the end towards you so that you see the laces interlaced. Make two loose loops with white ends. Pass a black end through one of the orange loops, pressing the other black end under it. To tight. This is the first knot. Then make two parallel loops with one orange and one black end. Place your ends slightly behind the bracelet.

Take the other loose orange string, over the black loop and screw it through the orange loop. The loose black end should go over the orange loop and through the black loop. Now tighten the whole knot. You are ready to cut the edges and melt them with the lighter.

Here is an instructional video on Youtube that explains the previous technique.

There are many variations for the above techniques and there are many easy or more complicated knots and braids. Once you get into this, you can also experiment, learn new knots and new ways of knitting. Then you can create your own bags, handles, bracelets, personalized necklaces, etc.

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