How to make a really good torch

Situations in which you may need good torch, lots of. This is the most banal. Or there is no flashlight. Or just make it up.

Hence the basic properties are really good torch: it is simply a process of production, it is simply manufactured. It is clear that it is clear. But, as practice shows, it is in the manufacture of torches. It is only necessary to remember some of the nuances. So.


Good torch consists of several parts – combustible material, combustible impregnation, non-combustible fixative and non-combustible stick. Ideally, it is easier to reassemble the torches. But this is the ideal. It will be possible to make sure that it is possible to make it out. But you can’t take it anymore.


The material will suit absolutely any fabric. But there are tricks. If you take the asbestos fabric, it is a VERY long. What we need. Tow, felt and burlap work a little worse in this respect. As for conventional textiles, it burns too fast. It has been found that it has been possible to reduce the amount of water. There will also be much childbirth.


To be honest, absolutely any combustible material will do. The question is solely in the nuances. Gasoline and kerosene, for example, it burns very much when it burns. Rosin, wax and paraffin are such as these deficiencies. We’ll have to gut apiaries, candle shops and radio equipment stores. It is easier to find. Pine resin … on a large scale horseradish will find. And to prepare complex multicomponent mixtures is a long and tiring, although they give a good effect.

In short, there is no ideal option. It all depends on the external factors. There is access to paraffin – great. With it, you can even “cartridges” for reusable good torches gasoline and kerosene have long become classics. Again, if there is no flammable liquid, it can still be assembled. Yes, it will burn more than nothing.


Ideal – wire. It can not be burned away. It is possible to come up with more complex options – all kinds of metal nozzles, plugs and clips. But with wire do good torch much easier. It is true that it is not possible to clean the water.


The main thing is that it can be as incombustible as possible. Plastic does not go – can melt. It can be used to hold this good torch. The tree is made up of the hardened tree. “Hardened” – pre-firing before blackening. It is less likely that it will be possible. It is better to use a thicker stick, since it will burn longer and worse.

It is not necessary to use conifers – they burn very well. We are also interested in aspen and larch. It is possible to keep it up as long as possible. You can also use any of the refractory impregnations. If you’re a little bit bored with it, then you can’t make it a lot more for a long time.


There are two fundamentally different production options. good torch. Wrap it up, and then immerse this end in impregnation. Pros – easy and fast. The torch will burn unevenly. The second method involves the impregnation before winding. Then you can even give an excess of liquid. Pluses – uniformity and stability of the flame. It can be wound poorly. If you are making “cartridges” for reusable torches.

If you are acting in the first instance, you will be able to continue the process. Well, in the second version, in the case of the impregnation of the liquid, then you can gently squeeze it out.

If you want to good torch with interchangeable “cartridges”, then it is necessary. For the first time, it is a metal pipe. You need to reel as tightly as possible. It is a bit of a smooth metal. Periodically we turn over for uniformity. It is a risk that it can be seen later. Actually, everything. There is no need for any kind of “cartridges”.

How to make a really good torch

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