How to make a smokehouse out of your own bucket?

You can prepare a delicious dinner on vacation without a heavy cauldron or pan. In this case, a simple smokehouse can come to the rescue. This is a great and proven way to make fragrant fish, meat or even lard in an open nature.

  • Necessary tools and materials
  • 2 Options for making a smokehouse out of a bucket
    • 2.1C metal grill
    • 2.2 With wooden sticks
  • 3Preparation of products
  • 4 Smoking recommendations

Necessary tools and materials

The advantages of making a smokehouse from a bucket with your own hands can be called:

  • Available to all materials;
  • Simple manufacturing process;
  • Small weight and dimensions;
  • Easy mobility.

And the dishes in it are obtained not worse, and sometimes better than in a cauldron, because the products in such a smokehouse as much as possible retain their juiciness. And an additional advantage is the shortened cooking time.
In order to do this simple design, you will need:

  • Metal or enamelled bucket;
  • Cover with small holes;
  • Stand for installation on the fire;
  • Metal wire or wooden stick medium size.

If the bucket is made of galvanized steel, then it is better to abandon the idea, use it as a smokehouse, since the oxide released from the walls can be harmful to the body.

Options for making a smokehouse out of a bucket

In order to make hot smoked meat with the help of such a smokehouse from a bucket, it is necessary to have a grill on which products will be laid. For those who find it difficult to understand what it is, it suffices to recall a regular oven with a grate sheet, on which meat or vegetables are also placed. The principle is the same. Depending on the grate materials, there are two ways to make a smokehouse.

Smokehouse with metal grateWith metal grill

The metal lattice can be made in two ways:

  • With the help of wire. From it weave a circular grid, the diameter of which will coincide with the diameter of the circle. Cells should be medium in size;
  • With the help of stainless steel sheet. You can also cut a circle from it and make many small holes in it.

If the company is more than 3 people, then it is better to immediately make 2 grids. This will allow you to smoke twice as much meat at the same time.

When installing grates inside the smokehouse, the following criteria should be considered:

  • The bottom grid is set at approximately 1/3 of the bucket. It should not be placed too low, as the food is likely to burn;
  • The second grid is installed so that it does not come into contact with the products located below, and the pieces on it do not reach the lid. You can navigate around the level of minus 10 cm from the top edge.

The construction of the construction is reduced to the fact that a sufficient number of chips fall asleep at the bottom of the smokehouse, put a heat-resistant container on top of them, into which the fat will flow. And at the very end of the set grills with products, taking into account the above criteria. The finished smokehouse from the bucket is set on fire with the help of a stand. It can be a special tripod or a hand-built structure.

With wooden sticks

A simpler version of making a smokehouse involves the use of wooden sticks instead of wire. Sticks should be large enough and strong, thin branches will not work. They are folded in the form of a lattice and tied with wire at the joints. It is necessary to take into account the size of the wood, as the finished grill should fit perfectly in the bucket at the right level.

Smokehouse with wooden grateIn this embodiment, it is also permissible to use two lattices at once. Accordingly, the bottom will have a diameter smaller than that which is located higher. The rest of the manufacturing process is similar to the first option.

Product Preparation

In order for the finished meat turned out soft and juicy, you must not be lazy and prepare it in advance. For several hours it is washed, cleaned, cut into pieces and sprinkled with salt. 3 hours is enough for salting the fish, no less than 5-6 for the chicken, and it is better to give a day for the meat.

A more complex option involves soaking products in a solution of water. To do this, in a liter of liquid, add 150 grams of salt and 16-18 grams of sugar. To taste, you can add spices. Perfectly fit black pepper, coriander, dried garlic. In the resulting solution, the products are incubated for 2-3 days. After which they are not washed, but only slightly dried and placed in the smokehouse.

Smoking recommendations

Alder wood chips are great for smoking.In order for the smoking process to pass without problems, you should heed the following recommendations:

  • Do not use wood chips from the family of conifers. This is due to the fact that when the temperature rises, they will begin to emit resin. Alder, willow, poplar and fruit trees such as apple, pear, cherry are best suited;
  • Chips before use is better to soak in ordinary water. During the cooking process, it should smolder, but in no case should it burn inside the bucket. The fact that the process is going right, will speak smoke white;
  • The lid must fit snugly. If necessary, you can put a load from under the hand-made items from above, and often burlap is placed under it;
  • If the bucket does not have its own lid, then any one that fits in diameter will do. In extreme cases, you can cover the smokehouse with a stainless steel sheet.

The smoking process takes place on a quiet, moderate fire. The time varies from the type of meat and its size, but not less than 15 minutes.

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