How to make a tent out of your own tent?

If there is an awning, and even equipped with eyelets, then you can safely go camping, because the tent of the awning will reliably protect from any weather, being a versatile material that will always protect from bad weather, and in the case of cold you can simply wrap up.

  • Camping gear
  • 2 Forms and designs of awning shelters
    • 2.1 Rectangular or square
    • 2.2 Trapeze
    • 2.3 Hexagon
  • 3 Installation Methods
  • 4 Advantages of an awning shelter
  • 5 Disadvantages

Camping gear

If it is not possible to grab a tent, and the stops do not imply a long stay in one place, an awning can be the best solution from which you can quickly arrange an excellent and reliable shelter.

Choosing it for a hike, the best solution would be to purchase with eyelets, thanks to which it will not be difficult to pull. Not unimportant circumstance will still be what the awning is made of. The fabric should be as impregnated as possible, without seams, and if there are lines, they should be protected.

In addition to the canvas itself, metal stops and extensions may be needed, usually they are completed together with an awning, but it is also quite possible to be purchased separately. Metal tubes are necessary for the device of the tent, and stretching will help to stretch the canvas so that water flows from it and does not penetrate inside. You also need a rope, it must be strong, reliable and long enough for a fastening device.

Tent tent

Forms and designs of awning shelters

Of course, the best choice for a traveler is a tent on a frame, with a large area, a good and reliable bottom, but this is an expensive pleasure, which still takes up a lot of space in a backpack and has a decent weight.

How to minimize all the components, there is a solution. A great alternative to a tent would be an awning.

Awnings are made of reliable protective materials that have a small weight, a solid base and a variety of shapes. Which can be used as a tent, tent, canopy. The weight of some offers is 40-300 grams, and takes no more than an umbrella.

Although there are more impressive forms and sizes, under which you can put a whole dining room or hold a massive celebration.

Not unimportant role of tent tents make up their forms, they are so diverse than they increase the functionality of use.

There are not only frame tents, but also ordinary awning shelters, of which within 10 minutes you can build not only a roof, but also a fully-fledged shelter.

Rectangular or square

In addition to form, fabric plays an important role in the selection, it can be easy and inexpensive:

  • impregnated silicone and membrane fabrics that protect against rain, are lightweight and have a low price;
  • nylon fabrics are also impregnated with protective materials, but have a stronger structure, no season can be used, the price is higher, but it is justified;
  • Mylar and polyethylene materials have the greatest strength, are resistant not only to precipitation, but also to ultraviolet, increased strength, depends on the thickness.

The sizes of tents are different, the tent of 3×3 m is more popular among tourists, but there are also more increased analogues, then everything depends on the destination.


The awning in the form of a trapezoid is equipped with an additional mosquito net, which is quite convenient. It can be used for the device of the camp canteen, it is blown from all sides and reliably protected from annoying insects. A tent is installed on the frame, the shape of which will keep the structure in a safe and stable position even with gusts of wind.

Tent tentThe frame is assembled from metal tubes and fastened on stretch marks. From this design it is good to arrange mobile arbors. The shapes and sizes of such awnings are different; they can accommodate both a couple of tourists and the whole company. Due to the frame structures and more dense canvas has a significant weight.

Also such an awning-tent is good for spending the night on hot and sultry days, comfort cannot be compared with the closed space of the tent, the air is constantly moving in the tent, mosquito nets reliably protect against mosquitoes.


Great tent for a large company in nature. Easily assembled and disassembled, UV resistant, consists of two layers of fabric.

The tent is good as a summer kitchen in a campground, as well as a large shelter for the company. You can completely close the entire structure with a zipper with a protective cloth, or leave only the mosquito fence, letting the light into the tent. The tent is installed on the metal tube and mounted on stretch marks. The seams of the awning are taped with a protective tape that reliably protects against moisture penetration.

Installation Methods

Frameless awnings are installed by stretching the canvas at an angle of no more than 60 degrees, so that all the necessary accessories can be placed under the roof. Such a shelter can be turned into a temporary protection from rain and sun, and into a dwelling where you can comfortably sleep at night.

Such an awning can be made of a frameless tent, when there is a need to cover a fire or dry clothes from rain. The main thing in the device, it is good to stretch the canvas, for this fit as a metal tube and stretch, and scrap materials.

Tent tentIf the tent is installed in an open area, you will need two sticks that are firmly fixed on both sides at a distance and the canvas is attached to one side. Further, the awning is stretched and fixed securely on the metal pins, it turns out a reliable shelter under which you can safely light a fire and dry things.

In a bad weather, such a tent is better to bury with a side groove, then the water will not flow inward, you can safely wait out the weather.

With frame tents easier. It depends on the design features of the tents and installation fittings themselves. At its core, the tubes are made of metal or aluminum treated with an anticorrosive composition, which are easily assembled into an overall robust design thanks to convenient fasteners, then an awning is put on the frame and fastened to extensions.

For greater weather protection, tents can be fitted with a petticoat that will protect against water penetration.

If the tent has a spherical design, then plastic tubes serve as a frame, which bend well and with the help of additional stretch marks keep their shape well.

It is a bit more difficult to assemble such a construction, but the functionality of such a tent is badly higher in bad weather due to its rounded shape.

Advantages of an awning shelter

Awning is good in all cases, it can be not only a reliable shelter from precipitation, but also protect it from cold and wind.

Under the tent, you can make a fire in bad weather or install a brazier without worrying about safety. It is much easier and faster to install, under it you can organize not only an overnight stay, but also a whole dining room. In the heat under it you can hide from the sun, and the space blown from all sides will create a comfortable stay in the shade. Mosquito nets will protect against annoying insects.

Tent tentThe main selection criterion is a reasonable price, an ordinary awning can be purchased within 300-750 rubles.


With all the positive qualities, there are still disadvantages:

  • no reliable protection from the wind;
  • in wet and damp weather does not retain heat;
  • viewed from all sides of the space does not provide privacy;
  • does not protect against crawling insects.

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