How to make a trap for a pheasant do-it-yourself: video

There are many ways to catch a pheasant as prey or for further breeding in the garden plot, how to trap it. At the same time it is necessary to observe the features of the hunt:

  • Before catching a bird, it is necessary to carry out a preliminary observation to ascertain the feeding places and routes of movement of the pheasant.
  • Some methods of pheasant mining require a lot of patience.
  • In order not to harm the bird, you need to be careful and cautious.
  • Only a properly set trap on a pheasant will bring prey.

To hunt down a bird, you have to make a lot of effort. They are very skillfully hiding when a hunter approaches, and their nests are located in hard-to-reach places, which can be located only by studying the lines of behavior and the trajectory of the daily movement of the bird. Since the pheasants’ nests are located on the ground, they can only be noticed in places covered with feathers or in winter tracks.

There are several ways you can make a pheasant trap.

  • How to catch a pheasant: traps, video
    • 1.1Wagon using the network
    • 1.2 Trap from the cage
    • 1.3 Loop setting
  • 2 Pheasant Trap in a few minutes

How to catch a pheasant: traps, video

how to make a trap for pheasant

In order to properly guard the hinges, it is necessary to know the exact location of the installation so that the birds are often located exactly there. For this you need to know the daily routes of movement of pheasants. The loop is made of soft, but durable wire with a length of about one and a half meters. At one end of the wire you need to make a loop with a diameter of 8 cm, the second end of the wire is threaded into it, and fixed on the tree. When the prey flies into the loop, it will tighten around its limbs.

The least time-consuming trap is using a hook.
It will take a hook 10 size, which is strung corn. Hooks are tied to a tree with a fishing line near the nesting site about 50 cm high above the ground. The bait should also be put under the trap.

crochet hook

A wooden frame is made of wood onto which the grid is stretched. The place of the bird feeder is chosen, and the frame is installed at an angle above it, supported by a peg. A rope is tied to a peg, the end of which remains in the hands of the hunter. Food for pheasants (grain, raisins) is poured under a canopy, and when they are under a canopy, the peg is pulled out, the frame is lowered on them.

Another simple trap, how to catch a pheasant, is as follows: a wooden bar 15 cm high must be sharpened on one side, this will be the lower part of the trap. A few nails with a small gap are driven in from the top of the bar along the edges; loops of fishing line are attached to them. After this, the device is placed in the place where the pheasants live, where they are lured. The bar must be driven into the ground until it is equal to its level. Each of the loops is placed on top of the sprinkled bait, after which it remains only to wait for the bird to fall into the trap.

As you can see, all the traps are fairly simple to manufacture, so for their production no drawings are needed, but you may need a detailed installation diagram of some of them, especially loops.

If the bird is needed not for breeding, but as prey, you can use less humane methods of fishing, for example, a slingshot. A special hunting slingshot is ideal for pheasant hunting. You need to hunt him on the path along which the bird goes to feed. In order not to frighten off the prey, you need to choose a secluded place and aim at the bird’s head. In addition, you can use a hunting bow with special arrows. It is worth remembering that pheasant hunting in the spring is prohibited, since during this period there is an active reproduction of the bird.

Pheasant trap in a few minutes

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