How to make a tristend for hunting with your own hands: drawings and manufacturing technology

Many hunters in our country have not heard of such an unusual device as tristend. But in the USA and Europe, tristend for hunting is used quite actively. It is most common among hunters with a bow. But actively used and lovers of firearms. Therefore, to learn more about this device will be very useful to all lovers of this magnificent hobby.

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What is tristend

First, let’s look at what a tristend is for hunting. So called a special device, which is a portable seat. As the name implies (from the English tree + stand – tree + stand), this seat is mounted on a tree and allows the hunter to be out of sight of prey. After all, most animals look at their feet or in front of themselves – very few have the habit of inspecting trees at a height of 3-5 meters. A tristend allows you to comfortably at this height.

He usually does not have a seat, which is understandable – when hunting with a bow, it interferes more. But lately, models with comfortable seats designed specifically for hunters who prefer firearms have also begun to appear.

Having a low weight, tristend can easily be transported over considerable distances, representing a mobile storage shed. Yes, if the storage shed is a stationary shelter (dragging an entire booth is hard, and simply pointless – it is easier to hammer a new one), then a tristend can be delivered to any place where hunting is planned. After installing it on a tree, it allows the hunter to be placed close to the trail or the feeding place, or even directly above them, with all possible comfort. When used correctly (we will return to this later), it allows the animal to be allowed to a distance of 7-10 meters, and even at such a distance even a novice hunter rarely misses.

Now, when we figured out what is this tricky device, let’s figure out how it can be.

tristend samozazHang

For some hunters, another kind of tristend – heng (from English hang – to hang) is of considerable interest. It is a simplified version of the climber — without a lifting device. That is, in fact, it is a small storage shed made from several metal tubes and durable fabric or mesh.

The main advantage of Hang is low cost, low weight and ease of use. However, to set it to the desired height, it is necessary to use ancillary devices. This can be a staircase (but keep in mind that it will also have to be carried on yourself) or twisted steps. The latter, though not so convenient, but much more compact and easier. Therefore, many hunters prefer this option.

How to use

It will also be useful to learn how to hunt using tristend. There are a few simple rules that are similar to the use of labaza.

First of all, do not forget about insurance. Anything can happen on a hunt – feeling unwell (no one is immune from this, for example, with a simple excess of oxygen in the air, which is very common for the forest), dizziness, improper planting or a bad shot. And to fall down from a height of 3-5 meters in the forest, tens of kilometers from the nearest settlement is a serious nuisance, which may well cost the hunter life. Therefore, it is necessary to use insurance. Moreover, many tristends are equipped with very comfortable vests with belts and a safety cable.

The next step is the correct installation. The success of the hunt depends on how well the tree is selected on which the tristend will be installed. Of course, even if you chose the wrong tree, it is unlikely that the animal will notice you. But do not forget about the scent. A wild beast can sense a person for tens of meters, and with an unsuccessful wind, even further. Therefore, determine in advance where the wind is blowing from and choose a tree on the leeward side of the path or feeding place.

It is necessary to have a tristend so that a shot can be made with a minimum of movements. That is, you should always see the place of the expected appearance of prey, but at the same time be not too noticeable, partially hidden behind a tree trunk. Make sure you can conveniently tag without getting up to shoot. In winter, when the temperature drops below zero, even the best-quality membrane will rustle, and the design itself may begin to creak, which may frighten the prey, making it difficult to make an accurate shot.

Tristend do it yourself

Alas, the price of high-quality tristend starts from 10 thousand rubles. Therefore, many hunters, especially from villages and small towns, where a monthly salary is not enough for such a purchase, decide to make a tristend with their own hands. Of course, the work is not easy. But you can save a large amount, and besides it is possible to adjust the device to fit your requirements.

It is quite difficult to make a tristend samolez with your own hands – it is much more difficult to manufacture, so first you should try to make a heng – its design is as simple as possible.

So, before you start work, you need to stock up on relevant material. The aluminum profile with a section of 20×20 centimeters is best suited. That is the size that is optimal. 15×15 is not strong enough, and 25×25 will weigh significantly more.

To make a tristend for hunting, drawings will also be needed – it will be much easier for them to calculate the optimal amount of material.

making tristendThe type of compounds causes serious controversy. Some hunters prefer welding as a simpler and more reliable option. However, in this case, the device cannot be made collapsible. Others prefer bolted connections. It is harder to keep track of (you need to regularly check the strength of the connections), but it can be folded or at least disassembled and easily carried in a backpack – with the right choice of material it will weigh no more than 5-6 kilograms, quite a bit.

By the way, if you choose a bolted joint, do not forget about the plastic washers. Without them, the tristend will creak as soon as you move a little while sitting on it.

You will also need plywood, durable fabric or a strong membrane (for seating) and a durable cable (with its help, the tristend will be fixed on the tree).

When you have everything you need, you can start making tristend hunting with your own hands – the drawings will help with this.

First, the frame – the seat, as well as the footrest – are being boiled or assembled. The seat is fixed on it. At two or three points at different levels, fixing points of the cable are set so that it can be quickly put and removed.

homemade tristendSome craftsmen also equip the tristend with special stands for a gun. It’s a good idea to keep it all the time tiring enough, to put it on your knees is inconvenient (it is not always possible to intercept quickly and silently if necessary), and to hang it on a knot is frankly dangerous.

Generally, making tristendy for hunting with your own hands, you have a huge scope for creativity – you can fully adjust it to your requirements and features.

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