How to make an ax with your own hands – types of axes

An ax is also an indispensable tool in a household, during a camping trip or a hunt, just like a knife. It is not always possible to take it if you are planning to go on a light trip, but in this case there are different varieties of this tool. On how to make an ax from wood, metal, tourist, hunting, you can find out below.

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How to make a battle ax

A combat ax is characterized by the presence of a narrow butt, a narrow, low blade. This is a relatively lightweight homemade ax weighing up to 0.8 kg on a long handle (from 0.5 m and more). There are one-handed and two-handed, two-sided, with a spike on the back.

In order to make a battle ax, you need to use the blade of an ordinary carpentry. The upper part needs to be cut off so that it forms a straight line. The lower edge of the chopping head is cut with a hook, and the blade itself is rounded down. After that, the surface of the tool is trimmed to shine and hardened on fire. The nozzle of a battle ax should be such that the lower edge of the blade and the end of the handle are connected by a parallel line, this will avoid additional loads on the handle. The ideal material for the manufacture of ax will be the butt of old birch. On the ax, where the head loop ends, you need to drill a hole diagonally, and then cut through the gap under the wedge parallel to the hole made. After that, the head sits on the ax, and a wedge plastered with glue is driven into the slot.

How to make an ax out of wood

Wooden ax can not be compared with the effectiveness of iron, but sometimes it is necessary. Due to its light weight, it can be taken on a hike for cutting thin branches, and also it can be used as a training weapon, or in a household. How to make a wooden ax? The ax and the head can be made either individually or as a one-piece construction. The material should be durable, dry, not fibrous. It is better to use oak or maple. For the manufacture of the blade and the ax handle as separate elements, you will need two chocks, cut in half, on which the pattern is applied. Then they are well glued and connected together. The blade of the tool must be sharpened and burned on a fire, or it must be wrapped with a steel plate cut out according to its curvature.

Homemade ax for hunting

How to make a battle axA hunting ax must have a good balance of the handle for accurate punches. It is best to use an all-metal tool, since there is less likelihood that the ax handle will fall off when cutting carcass or when cutting the bones of an animal. If it is not possible to forge such an ax, it can be made by hand with a blade and a wooden ax. Before you make an ax with your own hands, designed for hunting or fishing trips, you need to make a thin wedge-shaped blade. The tip is machined with a disk with a small abrasive, trying to give it a rounded shape (but not close to a semicircle) and not to overdo it with sharpness. After that, you need to harden the iron. For the manufacture of toporishcha used butt birch, mountain ash or elm. To determine the correct length of the ax, one needs to take it at one end, while the part with the nozzle for the ax must touch the ankle. When attaching the blade to the ax, its end must be wedged for secure fixing. At the same time, the cut is made through a diagonal, after which a wedge is driven in. It is better if the wedge is made of the same wood as an ax. It can be put on the glue, and when loosening the inside of the butt, the problem is easily solved if you soak the tool in water. It is not recommended to use a metal wedge, as it will rust and spoil the wood. For hunting for poultry and small game, an ax handle is made light, weighing up to 1000 grams, and up to 60 cm long. For hunting a large beast, its length should be at least 65 cm, and weight should be 1000-1400 grams. In this case, you need to focus on the height and weight of the hunter.

How to make a taiga ax

How to make a taiga ax

Taiga ax is characterized by a rounded blade and light weight, so that it is convenient to carry it with you. The total weight of the ax and the head is about 1400 grams. It is designed for cutting trees, rough processing of logs, designing huts, working with firewood. Therefore, it differs from the usual ax by the presence of a long beard, which protects against over-breaking of an ax handle with strong shocks; special sharpening of the blade, in which the rear edge is already the front twice, and also a smaller angle of inclination of the head relative to the ax handle compared with carpentry tools.

To make a taiga ax, you need to follow the instructions:

  • You need to take an ordinary carpentry tool, from which you only need a metal head, from which the front part is cut so that it equals the butt of the butt.
  • The back of the sawn to achieve a rounded shape with a grinder or grinding wheel with an average grain.
  • On the inside of the chopping head, a semicircle is cut out for convenient grip of the ax and for accurate work.
  • To give the tool a lighter weight, you can cut the upper corners of the butt.
  • Grind the blade with an emery machine or medium grit grinding wheel on both sides until a moderately sharp edge is obtained.

Further, the ax handle is made. It should be comfortable, made of durable wood. For this, birch, maple or ash is best. For comfortable use, the handle should be 50-70 cm long. Before you make a taiga ax, you need to pick a suitable chock without knots, rotten areas with a diameter of at least 12 cm. The selected chock must be split in two, dried a couple of months at a temperature of +22 degrees. After that, the desired shape of the ax is given. Excess wood is removed with a small hatchet, a knife, then processed with a chisel. It remains to attach the butt and fix it using epoxy resin. Finishing of the ax handle includes grinding and varnishing.

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