How to Make Booby Traps: Homemade Options + Traps for Animals

How to Make Booby Traps: Homemade Options + Traps for Animals

History teaches us that explosive traps were used since antiquity and that even the great pharaohs of Egypt relied on their efficiency and used them to secure their tombs. Hollywood also teaches us that booby traps can be a fun way to tease your friends (if you know how to do it correctly) or an unpleasant trap for monsters and other creatures you do not want in your house (or cabin in the woods). ). Anyway, these clever devices date back to antiquity and show how ingenious the human mind is.

If you look at Wikipedia, you will discover that the explosive trap is a device created by a person, designed to threaten, harm or kill another person with the element of surprise. Most of the time, the device is activated, without knowing it, by the victim herself.

As you can see, even if the words sound funny, this is a serious matter. You can really kill someone with this type of gadgetry, so make sure you know what you want to do with it before considering installing one. Explosive traps are really useful to have in your house, since they fulfill these main purposes:

  • To scare and intimidate an intruder who is weak of heart. This way, you will get rid of the attackers who are not prepared to participate in a hand-to-hand combat without having to face them;
  • To delay the assailant and raise the alarm that someone is trying to break in;
  • To hurt and / or trap the enemy in a place where it is safe to confront him (or her);
  • To protect your assets from curious onlookers (of course, this means that the device is going to be smaller and with the intention of scaring).

Explosive traps are effective both in a situation of domestic invasion and one of survival. During a home invasion Normally the attacker has the element of surprise; you realize that you are under attack when the attacker (s) is already in the house. If you install some intricate and cleverly hidden devices in your garden, you can ruin your plan and be alerted in time of your intentions.

How to Make Booby Traps: Homemade Options + Traps for Animals

In a survival situation Devices like these can make the difference between life and death. Imagine you are with your family in a cabin in the woods, somewhere outside the civilized area enjoying a long weekend. Everything is pleasant and silent when the television broadcast is interrupted and you discover that your country is under a terrorist attack and that there are land groups in your area.

You are alone with your family and any rescue team is miles away. Can you honestly say that you will be able to defend yourself and your family? Do you know how to build weapons and fight with a trained soldier? You’re just waiting for a rescue team to find you before the terrorists do. To match the odds, you must know how to make explosive traps that you can install around the cabin. This way you could have an opportunity to fight.

Yes, we may have exaggerated a bit, but in a survival situation it is important to know your limitations and learn to use the environment for your benefit. Learning to make an explosive trap can be a really fun DIY project to do in your free time. You learn many useful things and you can involve your whole family.

In this article we are going to talk about how to make devices like explosive traps made by yourself, with things and materials that you have around you.

The travel cable

I’m sure everyone has heard of a firing cable, but they had no idea that it can be classified as an explosive trap. If you take a moment and think about it, you realize that it fits perfectly:

  • it is designed to be activated by a person without knowing it;
  • it is efficient in delaying the attacker;
  • I’m alarmed that someone is trying to cross your territory.

The trigger cable is actually used to configure the actual trap or alarm.

How to Make Booby Traps: Homemade Options + Traps for Animals

The principle behind this device is simple and very easy to implement: you configure the trap (or alarm) and install a cable that, when interrupted or altered, configures the final device. The final device can be anything from an alarm to a large rock that falls on the aggressor (remember Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner?).

The travel cable alarm for your home.

You can install travel cables on doors and windows that will alert you if someone is trying to force your way inside the house while you are inside. Of course, there are alarm systems specially designed for this, but this will only cost you around $ 5 and you do not need any prior knowledge to install and operate it. It is also very efficient and does not depend on electric power, since it runs on batteries.

Now let’s look at the materials you will need to make a home travel cable device:

  • an electric toy that does not need more, it works with batteries and makes a lot of noise or lights;
  • electric cables;
  • tape for insulation;
  • a clip or a clothes pin;
  • foil;
  • two-sided tape;
  • thick rope.

As we know that a video can better explain the creation process, here you can see the video tutorial on how to make a travel alarm for your home.

Of course, you can use this to tease your friends and family if you want to have fun in harm’s way, but in the end, this is a simple device that lets you know that someone will come.

The travel wire trap for a survival situation.

Well, when you are in a survival situation, things change radically and you really do not feel like making funny jokes. Also, you do not have the same materials that you could use at home (not that they are useful in this environment).

When you are in the forest, struggling to stay alive day after day, knowing how to make a capture device will prove to be a very valuable skill. You do not need many special materials, just a paracord (or any kind of strong ropes), a knife, a thin cable to use for the travel cable, and the surrounding environment will be enough to make the trap. If you do not know what type of cable to use for the travel cable, you can find it in specialized stores. Usually comes in two colors: yellow and green. The yellow wire is for sunny areas and the green wire is for leafy and dark areas where it is more difficult to detect.

The travel cable can help you catch small wild animals that can be your dinner and can alert you when larger and more dangerous animals approach your refuge area. Explaining the construction process in writing can be a bit difficult, so we found an excellent video tutorial on how to build a trap for travel cables in the desert.

The trap for travel cables is ideal for catching small animals (as we mentioned) to keep you fed, but when you are alone in nature, you need to install protection devices against large and wild animals. Fire is a good start, but you can not stay up all night by the fire. He is forced to fall asleep (voluntarily or not) and then he needs something to let him know if a cougar tries to get close to you.

The simplest and most efficient protection devices in this case are spikes. You simply need tree branches and your knife. Cut the branches into small pieces (about 6 inches long) and sharpen them at one end. Once you have finished sharpening, glue each point on the ground (with the end that is not sharpened) at a 45 degree angle to the outside of your camp. Be sure to surround the area of ​​your camp with these and then cover them with leaves. If your spikes are sharp enough, they will hurt the legs of a large animal and alert you to danger.

Also, make sure you do not step on your own trap. It is possible that the tips are not sharp enough to make a hole in the shoe, but you will be destroying all your hard work.

Ingenious ideas for homemade explosive traps.

In addition to the travel cable alarm, you can make all kinds of home devices to help you protect your home and your family. Of course, sometimes the “threat” is always inside the house, living or working there, so there are all kinds of explosive traps that are designed to protect your belongings from a co-worker or curious brother. For example, you can make a real alarm with a can of Altoids and a Christmas card that plays music.

Alarm system for less than $ 10.

For this extremely “elaborate” alarm system, you will need a can of Altoids (we are sure you have one as a true survivor), the Christmas card (actually, the inner mechanism), some ribbons and a multitool.

How to Make Booby Traps: Homemade Options + Traps for Animals

The main idea is to insert the music playback mechanism into the Altoids can and then make some holes to make it sound louder. Once you have finished the entire system, you can simply stick it in a drawer or anywhere you want to protect. When someone moves the can to sniff, the alarm will activate and, in fact, will be able to capture the perpetrator.

The elaborated production process can be seen in this video tutorial on how to make your own alarm system.

Small catapult device to protect your drawers.

We’re not saying that this device will protect you from the big ones, the bad ones, but it’s perfect to teach a lesson to a curious co-worker. It is also perfect if you want to throw a joke on someone. The catapult device is quite ingenious and you can see that the creator is really an extremely creative person (who may have got extremely bored one day at the office).

All you need to build this contraption are office supplies:

  • a metal lid of a square can (or the lid of a can of Altoids);
  • a few rubber bands;
  • a palette stick
  • a pen (only the outer tube and the spring);
  • a small plastic clip;
  • paper clips and pins;
  • the lid of a water bottle;
  • rope;
  • two magnets;
  • glue;

If you take a look at any office, you will definitely find these items out there. Now that you’ve gathered everything, it’s time to see how to do the catapult. Here is the video tutorial on how to make your own box catapult so that people stop playing with your drawers.

It is also a fun DIY project for a rainy afternoon.

How to make homemade animal traps.

These traps are extremely useful when you have a wild animal sniffing around your garden and causing damage. For example, if you have chickens in your yard and a fox decided that you can have too many or if you have pigeons and a ferret has just discovered its flavor. There are many small wild animals that can produce a lot of damage in a house with pets.

How to Make Booby Traps: Homemade Options + Traps for Animals

The animal traps help to catch the little author and then release him in the desert, somewhere far, far away, without hurting him. It is the most humane way to deal with this situation.

How to make a trap with a shopping cart.

We found a very nice and educational video tutorial on how to use a shopping cart as an animal trap.

If you watch the video, you will see that this work requires a little more work and some power tools, but the result is absolutely incredible. The resulting explosive trap (after all the fox or badger fires the mechanism unknowingly, which adds the element of surprise) is safe for any wild animal of medium size. It will only give them a slight fright (of being imprisoned) without causing any harm.

We believe it is very important not to harm the wild animals that interact with your home even though they cause damage. They do not do it for pleasure or sorrow, it’s their nature in search of food and their chickens were simply the easiest place they could get to. Of course, if the animal becomes violent and there is no other alternative, you will be forced to respond forcefully to protect your family and your home, but otherwise, you will be extremely happy to return to the forest and will never bother you again.

DIY project for a wooden animal trap.

This is a more complex project that the carpenter requires in you. If you get bored one afternoon and have some wood out there, this can be a really important DYI project to test your skills. The result is quite pleasant and very effective (according to the author).

The main materials that you will need are these:

  • a wooden board that is large enough to cut into 4 pieces, each approximately 24 inches high; You can also use 4 wooden boards of the same size, it is not absolutely necessary to have a board and then cut it;
  • smaller pieces of wooden planks for the door shaft;
  • nails and hammer;
  • a saw;
  • a piece of wire for the trapdoor;
  • A wire net to secure the end without the trigger door.

The video tutorial on how to make your own animal trap is very explicit and you can see the whole process, from start to finish.

The quality of the sound and the English used are not of the best quality, but in reality no sound is needed to learn how to make this trap. Anyway, if you do this type of project for the first time and you are not used to working a lot with your hands, you may want to clarify a few hours of your schedule, since it requires some skills of maintenance personnel. However, the final result will be very satisfactory; Even if you do not catch anything with that.

How to Make Booby Traps: Homemade Options + Traps for Animals

The final conclusion here is that explosive traps have been there for as long as humanity. They are nothing but creative and ingenious ways of using the objects that surround us to provide us with food and safety. As survivors and people who believe in preparation, we should be able to at least put together a travel cable.

It is one of the most basic and simple capture devices, and you do not need special materials or skills for it. Start by trying one at home and when you have confidence in the skills you recently acquired, try a trip in the woods. In survival, it is important to know how to manipulate the environment to get what you need.


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