How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

If you are looking for ways to make colloidal silver, then you have found the right publication to guide you in that. First, know that colloidal silver is a type of suspension composed of submicroscopic metallic silver particles that float on a colloidal base. This is not a new alternative medicine, since people in the last century used it as a treatment for several diseases, including common colds and flu, and as an antibiotic in the 1920s to 1930s. But as time goes by , its use decreases, although advocates claim that it remains as effective as modern antibiotics.

According to sources, colloidal silver is an effective medicine to fight fungi in the body and has potential uses to kill diseases, bacteria and viruses. And according to the people who have been taking it, they say it is effective in improving their immune system, especially in terms of fighting the flu and colds. In addition, they claim that it is beneficial to repair skin and tissue damage, soothe burns and treat scars.

Apart from these uses, it can also work against rashes, acne and sties. When taken internally, it is easily digested and absorbed quickly by the internal organs of the body, which makes it an effective and quick remedy against the disorders we have mentioned. This property is its most important function in questions of strengthening the immune system.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

Before deciding on colloidal silver, it is recommended that everyone consult their doctor for their safety. Your benefits and risks must be properly weighed before consuming them for any of the benefits mentioned above. Going back, if you decide. making colloidal silver at home, then review this guide to help you in that, without you having to break the bank. Below is a very simple method of creating CS at home.

DIY colloidal silver

This guide is a familiar way to create CS for a long time, although it has some small changes because here we will use two pieces of silver and a battery source, and then we will leave the silver wires over a container of water. When electricity circulates among the pieces of silver, the silver particles are detached and then suspended in the water. This process is safe, at the same time it is effective and does not put you at risk of anger.


Power supply

Before starting, however, you must gather your materials. But, before that, you have to make the power source, where you will need three or four pieces of 9-volt batteries. If you plan to use only a small amount of colloidal silver, you can opt for cheaper batteries, but you may want to get some lithium batteries if you want to use them for a long time, such as cleaning the home.

You will need cables to connect the batteries to the silver. You can connect them using crocodile clips, which you can easily buy from your local hardware and at economical prices, but you may have to buy them in large quantities, as they are usually sold in packs of 10.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

When it comes to silver, you can get two pieces of silver, but not silver or sterling silver, which can contain other (toxic) chemicals, such as nickel and copper. Instead, you can get silver wire that you can also compare. But in all cases, you should avoid getting quality silver wires for jewelry that are usually only sterling silver. Again, using it for CS may not be safe because it contains poisonous elements, as mentioned.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

Well, then you have to compare prices, although many of them will cost you a little more than others. Many people would buy 99.99 percent and not 99.9 percent, but that may be a good option, since you can use it for a long time, even if it is a bit more expensive. However, do not worry because there are certain suppliers that sell them at cheaper prices.

However, many people do not trust silver wires because many of them are made in China, but they opt for an ounce of silver bullion bars, usually at .999 percent. They are more affordable and can be easily traced back to their country of origin. More so, they are rigorously regulated than the type of jewelry wire, so you can basically rely on what you have paid for.

Current regulator diode

You will need to control the current that runs between your two pieces of silver. Remember, little current would be present when your first silver is in the water, a feature that makes this project unique.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

Distilled water does not have a high level of conductivity, but silver is. Then, when it begins to detach from the silver wire, the water will be conductive. And while the current is rising, wait for more pieces of silver to find in the water. However, this is not good because it is said that the larger silver particles are not effective in getting rid of the viruses, bacteria and pathogens that can accumulate in your body over time, which means you will have a higher risk of argyria. But do not worry because the regulatory diode will be able to address this concern.

What it will do is prevent the current from rising beyond a certain point. And in this case, your CS machine will be able to produce silver ions of higher quality. However, you may want a diode that can maintain the current in only one milliampere. But even if this goes a little further, it should not become a concern.

Distilled water

This can be the source of cleaner water because it is pure, without particles or impurities. You can easily get a bottle of it in convenience stores and groceries. But if you do not trust distilled water already prepared, you can also learn how to make distilled water. However, you must use distilled water for this project.


For this impromptu colloidal silver machine, you will need one or two containers. First is the one that contains the distilled water and is something made of glass or plastic.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

Many people would prefer glass because it can be more hygienic and safer to use for this experiment. It does not matter, you must find a container specifically ideal for making DIY colloidal silver and it must be something that you do not use in any other application, that could contaminate it.

What to remember

When you have finished with your CS, you should make sure to keep it or keep it in a safe place, away from the light, as it is very sensitive to it. And for this purpose, you must use an amber colored container to store it, so that you can prevent several wavelengths from affecting your CS, while the container still allows you to see how much more CS you have.

However, do not worry because you do not need to spend large amounts of money for your containers. In fact, there are many affordable to find in stores, offline or online. And in many cases, you can also buy them in bulk.

Steps to make homemade colloidal silver.

The first thing to do is connect the batteries in series by connecting the positive terminal from one to the other negative terminal of the battery. But since these 9-volt batteries are already coupled, the use of crocodile clips is unnecessary. So, now you can see that there is a positive terminal on the left and then a negative terminal on the right.

What you have to do is connect a set of crocodile clips to each of the terminals, and then, at the end of the clamp where the negative terminal is connected, you can start to hook it on your current regulator diode before connecting another clamp. crocodile found. On the other side of this diode.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

Start connecting the two pieces of silver to your cables, and then put them in the water, but be sure to let them rest on the bottom and on the side of your CS container. However, do not allow them to touch each other to avoid short circuits.

In addition to letting the silver pieces rest on the bottom and side of the CS machine, remember not to let anything else enter the distilled water. Also, remember not to let the crocodile clips enter the water; otherwise, they will also begin to shed their particles in their solution.

In your first attempt to create a CS, pay attention to the water and see what happens. In general, it can take a couple of hours before the silver particles begin to saturate the water, all depending on the volume of water that you put in your container.

At the beginning, you will notice that the water becomes a slight yellowish color, which you can easily see if you place a sheet of paper under your container, which will then illuminate the color.

Therefore, after observing for a few hours, you probably already know how much time you will need to do your CS next time, so that you can set an alarm for this purpose. When you have finished with the first batch, you can now pour your solution into one of the amber containers you previously reserved.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

Voila! You have your colloidal silver that you made for yourself. Now, by its use, you can opt for the sublingual method, although some people try to ingest it. While it may also work, we do not consider it necessary at all, since about 10 percent of the silver will be deposited in your body, while 90 percent will be eliminated.

What we advise you to do is simply shake it around your mouth for up to 10 minutes. This is the best method we find for CS to be more effective (and safer) because you do not have to worry about the 10 percent deposit in your system. Through sublingual administration, you can still benefit from particles that travel throughout your body without having to worry about deposits or waste. Otherwise, you can also apply it on wounds as a disinfectant or use it in cleaning your house.

Additional materials and tips

For this project, you may want to get a small, handheld laser to help you see how dense your colloidal silver is becoming. It is something that you can easily buy in supply stores. When the CS has been cooking for about 30 minutes, you can see the progress of your experiment if you are going to make the laser shine through your glass jar and you will see the laser beam, which is perpendicular to the beam. . In the process, you can align your view perpendicular to the laser beam, which must be aimed through the water.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

You can also consider getting a wooden spoon to be able to stir the CS from time to time. Keep in mind, however, that shaking the solution will slow down your cooking.

Then, you may also need a wooden board to hold the wires that you place on top of your glass jar, but you should not use any metal that will short-circuit your silver wires. You can use any of the small cutting boards you find at home, but make sure they have two holes in the middle, but make sure they are at least an inch apart. You can put one end of the crocodile clip on the end of each silver wire to prevent it from entering the water.

Remember, the other end of this cable is pushed through the hole in the wood before entering the water. Then, the wooden board is on the top of the jar, while keeping the wires in place. Your crocodile clips should also be placed so that the cable can descend at least one inch from the bottom of the bottle.

You should not use any other type of water but only distilled water, this is the most important thing. There are many impurities that contain other types of water, so they are not good to use in this project.

Even if, according to sources, impurities can accelerate the process of creating DIY colloidal silver, minerals or these particles can bind to silver, which can increase the risk of argyria, a condition in which the skin becomes blue gray or gray, resulting from the consumption of CS that has high levels of impurities. It must be avoided at all costs due to the irreversible consequences.

How to Make Colloidal Silver: The DIY Guide to Making CS on a Budget

Security advice

  • Do not put any other chemical or ingredient that is not silver in this project. You should not add salt, for example. While it may help to allow the flow to flow better, its use will result in the production of silver chloride, another cause of argyria.
  • Do not put anything at all in the water; otherwise, a silver compound can be produced. For example, do not try to add minerals, gelatin, honey, dyes, preservatives and any other material you can imagine.
  • Tap water can only be used if you do not plan to apply it on your skin or ingest it, but only for external purposes, such as house cleaning, disinfection and other household applications. Yes, it is ten times easier to choose tap water than distilled water because it is very accessible. Moreover, it is better to let the current flow better than the distilled water. However, do not use colloidal silver made with tap water other than for cleaning and other domestic purposes and not on your body.
  • If you discover that the water turns black when you cook the silver wire, discard it immediately. It simply means that the water has too many impurities to use in any application.
  • Do not refrigerate CS.
  • For disease prevention, use only three to six ounces of 8 ppm per day. On the other hand, you can double this amount if you use it to treat the flu and the common cold. For others, they use up to 12 ounces of colloidal silver in a period of two to three weeks. Now, before doing so, you must ensure that your colloidal silver is pure and not silver chloride or any other silver compound to avoid acquiring argyria.
  • Keep in mind that colloidal silver can also kill friendly bacteria, so you may want to take supplements, such as lactobacillus acidophilus or yogurt to replace them.

There you have what you need to prepare and learn when you seek to produce your own colloidal silver, which you can use in a multitude of applications, including the prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases. However, this article is only a reference for home colloidal silver and is not intended to serve as medical advice or as alternative treatments to the existing treatment methods you are using. Consult your doctor for your own safety before consuming colloidal silver.

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