How to make darts with your own hands – a homemade dart from different materials.

How to make darts with your own handsHow to make a dart out of paper

Torsion of a paper cone is the simplest form for a projectile shank. To do this, from ordinary A4 paper, you need to twist the multilayer cone, glueing the layers with glue to such an extent, until it becomes quite rigid. At the same time, paper layers need to be wound on some ingot to subsequently move onto the point, which can be a normal nail or a sewing needle, a pin, a needle, etc. When the layers are dry, the paper cone is put on the point and wound with threads. Then it must be inserted into the hole of the pipe, and cut off the excess. The outer side of the cone can be covered with several layers of adhesive tape.

How to make a dart out of matches

Before you make a dart out of matches, you should prepare: a needle, threads or wire, four matches, the material for the shank (paper, plastic, etc.). Matches will serve as a shaft for a dart, it is first necessary to remove sulfur from them, sometimes it is necessary to trim them. Next, you need to tie them with a thread or a thin wire, fixing between them the tip (needle) and the shank, which must first be made. Thread can be impregnated with glue for secure fixing.

How to make a dart out of matchesHow to make a needle dart

Homemade dart can be made using a needle from a syringe. In addition to it, you will need three toothpicks, a piece of paper about 5×5 cm in size. the fabrication is very simple: toothpicks are inserted into the needle tip from the syringe, which, in turn, press the paper tip. The shank is made like this: a paper square is bent in half in one direction, then in the other. It should be a construction resembling an asterisk. Do not forget that you need to glue the paper with adhesive tape or glue so that it does not soak. In principle, for single use, the paper can be left as it is.

How to make a needle dartIn addition to the above, there are other ways how to make a homemade dart. One of them is a method using a plastic canister, glue, nail, and some kind of sticks. To do this, heat one side of the canister over a fire or stove, if the dart is made at home. When it begins to soften, you need to try to pierce its wall with a stick. Then you need to wait for a while until the canister is cool. Place, pressed through with a stick, you need to cut with a knife. The sharp edge of the workpiece is cut off, a carnation is inserted into this place. The nail should stand in the resulting shank until it stops. Further, the resulting blank should be tried on the hole in the wind tube, mark the edges for trimming the shank so that it easily enters it. All excess need to be cut, and the nail is fixed inside the plastic cone to glue.

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