How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

Ethanol is an excellent alternative to gasoline and works as a more economical and effective way to use the fuel for many different purposes. You can make ethanol all by yourself, using and combining different ingredients, most of which you can find in your own home, along with smaller equipment. On long tracks, you can make your own fuel that will cost you less. In addition, in case the SHTF requests it, and there is no more gas to buy and use, you can make your own fuel: the importance of sustainability is great and will be very helpful.

That’s why we have a step-by-step guide so you can follow up so you can produce your own ethanol and use it when you need it most or just to save some money on gas purchases. Either way, you can easily learn how to make ethanol.

Step # 1: license

If you have decided to produce and produce ethanol, and you are a citizen of the United States, you must complete the form and send the authorization. To make ethanol and its production legal, you must have your license authorized.

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

You can find the form anywhere online, where you can complete it and send it to the government. The form is manufactured and patented by the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade and is necessary when you plan to produce ethanol.

If you are outside the United States, check with any government agency that deals with these types of problems. Before you start making ethanol, make sure your license is approved and authorized. When you have solved this issue, you can move on to the next step and start working on ethanol production.

Step # 2: Collect fruits

Once you have licensed your license, you can start making ethanol. The next step would be to collect rotting and decaying fruits, since one of the key ingredients for producing ethanol is fruit.

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

You can collect fruits in several different ways. You can check with your grocery stores and local markets and see if any inedible fruit you would like to give away or sell at low prices. You can also use any fruit you have in your house, in case the fruit expires; Use it to make the base for your ethanol.

Do not use fresh fruit, you need those that are already soft and are not edible.

Step # 3: barrel

You will have to buy a barrel. The size of the barrel should be about 10 liters. You will use this barrel to place all the fruits you have collected.

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

When you ask about the amount of fruit you need, you will need so much fruit to fit 1/3 of the barrel. Be careful not to exceed 1/3, because when the fruit begins with fermentation, it may overflow and that is something we do not want to happen. When the fruits decompose and expire, the sugar in the fruit naturally creates alcohol, which is basically ethanol. That’s why fruit is the key ingredient you need.

Step # 4: crushing

Once you have collected the correct amount of fruit to fill the 1/3 capacity of the barrel, you will have to find an object with a blunt tip, like some kind of stick (similar to the end of a broom) and crush the fruit completely .

Step # 5: yeast and water.

The next step would be to add the yeast once you have crushed all the fruits in the barrel. You can use standard yeast that can be found and bought anywhere, but the best option and our personal recommendation is to use the type of yeast with tolerance to ethanol.

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

Ethanol-tolerant yeast can be purchased at any winemaker’s supply store, since the same type of yeast is used to make wine; This yeast is also known as distiller’s yeast. You will need one to two bags of yeast distiller. Put the yeast in the barrel with the crushed fruits, pouring it over the fruits.

The amount of water that must be added to the barrel must not exceed the height of the fruit compost by more than a couple of centimeters.

Step # 6: Cover it!

It is important that the barrel you have around or that you have purchased especially to make ethanol have a lid. Now that you have added yeast and water to the crushed fruits, you must cover the barrel with a lid.

Step # 7: hydrometer

You should also have a hydrometer, since you will need to measure the sugar levels in your mix. You must use the hydrometer to control sugar levels once a day.

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

The mixture should rest for 10 days, and during those ten days, it will control the sugar levels. It is possible that sugar levels decrease more and more until there is no sugar, so you should review it daily. Once the sugar levels are at the zero point, you can go to the next step. Until then, check sugar levels every day.

The hydrometer is used simply by placing the thickest part of the thermometer in the mixture, holding it there until the sugar levels are measured.

Step # 8: distillation

When the sugar levels are as low as possible, which means that there is no sugar remaining in the fruit mix, it is time to distill. To begin and carry out the distillation process, you must have a special equipment to distill as a reflux still. You can find it easily and buy it online at reasonable prices; however, you must buy a reflux, since distillation becomes impossible without it, at least the proper distillation.

The distillation process should begin immediately after the sugar levels fall to zero; that is why you are measuring the levels daily to make sure that the timing of the distillation is perfect. If you wait a little longer after the sugar is gone, the mixture may spoil chemically, making it unusable to produce ethanol.

Step # 9: Distillation process

The reflux that you still buy, will surely come with an instruction manual on how to distill properly. Continue the instructions on distillation to obtain a chemically stable product that you can use later for the end of the product, ethanol.

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

Once all the reflux is ready, ready and ready to begin with the distillation, it will still pour the mixture into reflux. Follow the instructions on how to distill and everything will be as easy as possible.

Step # 10: filtered

The distillation process that has been carried out with its mixture with fruits and yeast was done to purify, that is, distill the mixture, making it usable as ethanol. However, instead of finishing with a clean substance, you have a mixture of ethanol that is not yet clear enough.

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

The filtering process is done with filters, but not only with “any” filters; It is necessary to buy special filters to filter the ethanol. This type of filter is the only one that you may find useful in this case, since these filters are specially made for this purpose: they work filtering the water in the mixture and then leave a batch of transparent ethanol. This is because these filters are made of a special fabric designed to let the ethanol pass through the filter while the water is retained and isolated from the clear ethanol.

Step # 11: gasoline

Depending on the specifications of your vehicle, you can add gasoline to the ethanol it has produced, however, you do not need to. The proportion of the mixture of gasoline and ethanol must be 85% ethanol and the remaining 15% goes to gasoline.

Ethanol in a few words

Although we have provided a “recipe” for making ethanol from decomposing fruits, you can basically make everything from ethanol, as long as the ingredients used contain sugar as a basic chemical. So that “everything” falls to the cornstarch and different fruits and even vegetables. You can even make ethanol from refined sugar.

Recycling is the basis for making your own ethanol, since you can do it from foods rich in natural sugar and starch leftovers. Many people interested in producing their own ethanol are more likely to choose corn as the main ingredient for the final product, but that is not the smartest choice. This is the case simply because not all types of starch or fruit will give you the same energy for home-made ethanol.

How To Make Ethanol: Sustainability With Your Own Fuel

The stronger the sugar in the ingredients you are using (the more concentrated the sugar levels are), the more ethanol the energy will have and the stronger it will be. That is why we have chosen to use decomposing fruits: fruits are rich in sugar. Although corn also has sugar, sugar levels are higher in fruits such as apples and bananas.

You can also choose to make ethanol with refined sugar. However, this agreement would be much more expensive, since buying sugar will cost much more than it would cost to get the right amount of decaying fruit. If you are lucky, you can even get free fruits as they are not edible and it is likely that grocery stores are planning to simply throw away that fruit or sell it at extremely low prices such as compost for gardening or something similar.

The basic equation for making ethanol is:

Sugar + yeast = E85 (ethanol)

To make the equation count, delivering the correct end product, you must follow the instructions on how to make ethanol, being careful with the distillation, making sure you are performing the whole process correctly.

In case you want to make ethanol from sugar, you will need to obtain about 20 kg of sugar and continue with the same process as the one we have described with the fruits, only that you will have to melt the sugar with hot water before adding yeast to the sugar mixture. That should replace the step with macerating and picking fruits. The rest of the process would be the same as the one we have described.

In conclusion

Whether you are looking for a way to save some money in the purchase of gasoline or simply want to prepare to be completely sustainable, making your own ethanol is surely a useful thing you should know. That is exactly why we have given our best and we have tried to explain the process of ethanol elaboration in detail, hoping that you will find that process easy to carry out.

All you need to do is follow our guide step by step and everything will be fine, leaving you with strong, clean and usable ethanol at the end. Be sure to get the distiller’s yeast instead of the normal one, although the regular one also works well.

Decide which main sugary ingredient works best for you, choose between refined sugar, fruit or starch and invest in buying a thin set of equipment you need to distill and filter: reflux and special filters to filter the ethanol. Once you have everything on the list, you are ready to begin!


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